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Wild Rift Position Preference: How it works, rewards, and more

Riot Games has created a role-queue like system for its mobile MOBA. Here's how it works.
Wild Rift Position Preference: How it works, rewards, and more

With League of Legends: Wild Rift coming to more and more regions around the globe, Riot has slowly filled the mobile version of their MOBA with new features that deliver a smooth experience to players.

The most recent one is called Position Preference, which will basically let users queue for a match looking to fill a specific role in their team, similar to Overwatch's or Dota 2's role-queue.

So how does it work? Let's break the system down right below.

Wild Rift Position Preference - How it works

position preference wild rift
(Picture: Riot Games)

According to Riot Games, the Position Preference system, players will be able to order their preferred positions (solo, jungle, mid, duo, support) "from most to least preferred."

This will ensure players will get a better chance of filling the role they want to play in each match, however, it comes at the cost of slower queue times, with the system not always being able to give users their preferred roles.

Wild Rift Position Preference - Where to play

position lab wild rift
(Picture: Riot Games)

In order to access this new feature, Wild Rift players will have to select the newly created Position Lab that's coming with patch v2.2

If you're worried about your rank, fear not, as Riot confirmed "this test queue won’t affect your rankings in the normal ranked queue, nor will it affect your rankings after the test is completed."

The test will be available in all regions except the Americas, as the beta is just launching in this region and Riot doesn't want to split the player base right out of the gate.

Wild Rift Position Preference - Roles

roles wild rift
(Picture: Riot Games)

Unlike its PC counterpart, Wild Rift doesn't use the top or bottom lanes as terms due to the map rotating, creating a new set of icons to identify champions better suited for each role.

These are the official descriptions of each icon:

  • Solo lane:
    • We used a singular shape of an axe to associate with the “solo” aspect of this lane, and the beefy, tanky champions who head there. We also applied some shape elements similar to Baron’s icon, bringing in the characteristics of the big purple beast.
  • Jungle:
    • We felt like the classic jungle icon was strong and indicative of the gameplay. Watch out for those brushes!
  • Mid lane:
    • The mid lane icon is a three-piece shape that puts more emphasis on the middle segment—with the two other lanes on the sides. We wanted to emphasize the flow and versatility, hinting at the style of play that mid laners crave: roaming, helping other lanes, and flashy plays.
  • Duo lane:
    • The new duo icon continues the trend of splitting the shape based on an associated number. The icon is formed of two vertical pistols to look like the weapons you’d likely see in the duo lane. If you look closely, you can see hints of the Dragon icon.
  • Support:
    • The classic support icon: sturdy, reliable, steadfast. A good support brings the whole team together. Never change!

Wild Rift Position Preference - Rewards

Riot will be rewarding players that test the Position Lab by giving them a blue mote for playing a match every 24 hours.

Blue Motes are an in-game currency that helps players unlock new Champions, so they are highly sought after.

Wild Rift Position Preference - Schedule

Riot didn't confirm a specific date for the Lab to end, only saying it will be available for "a few days" after the release of patch v2.2, however, they are looking to bring the system to ranked as fast as possible.

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