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Wild Rift Rakan Guide: Best runes, items, spells, tips, more

Rakan is an infamous vastaya who always gets into trouble, as well as being the ultimate warrior dancer. Learn all about him in this champion guide.
Wild Rift Rakan Guide: Best runes, items, spells, tips, more

The new League of Legends: Wild Rift update 2.1 has arrived, and with this, Riot has announced new changes to its gameplay, a new Lunar New Year-themed event, and most importantly, new champions will make their debut.

This time, straight from the lands of Ionia, comes a rebellious couple, known for their great cunning, versatility, and of course, their lethality and precision: the duo Vastaya, Xayah and Rakan.

Now we will talk about Rakan, the Charmer. This champion is known for his wild and uncontrollable temperament, in addition to being a real casanova inside the Rift, a trait that obviously annoys his partner Xayah, that being said he is always willing to a good fight, and above all, to protect his own.

Rakan's active and passive abilities

WIld Rift Rakan guide
(Picture: Riot Games)

His passive ability, Fey Feathers, allows Rakan to periodically gain a shield, after taking no damage in combat.

Let's move on to his active skills:

  • Gleaming Quill: Throws a magic feather that deals magic damage. Upon hitting an enemy champion or epic monster, it allows Rakan to heal his nearby allies.
  • Grand Entrance: Rakan launches to a location, knocking all enemies into the air upon arrival.
  • Battle Dance: When activated, Rakan will fly up to an allied champion and grant them a shield. This ability can be reactivated at no cost for a short time.
  • Ultimate - The Quickness: Rakan gains movement speed, as well as dealing damage and enchanted enemies hit.

Runes and spells recommended for Rakan

Rakan is usually a very elusive champion, who due to his skills and defensive statistics is one of the best selections for any team, so his composition must be based on amplifying his shields and resistances.

These are the recommended runes for him:

  • Aftershock: Immobilizing an enemy champion grants additional armour and magic resistance, as well as unleashing a barrage of magic damage to nearby enemies.
  • Weakness: Increases your team's damage to opponents slowed or with crowd control effects.
  • Loyalty: You and your closest ally gain 2 armour and 5 bonus magic resistance.
  • Pack Hunter: Grants bonus movement speed when near an ally. Additionally, unique takedowns will grant you and the closest ally bonus gold.

Best runes for Rakan Wild Rift
(Picture:  站长解说Games)

Rakan, being a support, is used mainly in the bottom lane or Dragon lane. Having an offensive focus, his summoner spells allow him to aid allies to exterminate anyone.

  • Flash: Allows you to have more entry and escape options in case your immobilization abilities are not on hand.
  • Ignite: Use it as a tool to take down enemies in case they want to escape on low health, lower their healing factor, or reveal them in ambushes.

Best Items for Rakan

best items rakan
(Picture: Riot Games)

Being a champion with defensive skills, his objects will be focused on accentuating these innate traits, giving him greater resilience and utility in individual and team fights.

These are his recommended objects:

  • Zeke's Convergence: By using your Ultimate, you will activate an icy storm around you, which will slow enemies and burn them with magic damage for a few seconds.
  • Protector's Vow: When you or your ally take damage, it will summon a shield of 125 fixed damage + a share of current ability power and additional health, along with a temporary bonus to movement speed.
  • Warmog’s Armor: At 2,500 or more maximum health, you can regenerate 5% of this per second, if you have not taken damage in combat for six seconds.

Now, to complement it, it is important to focus on the priority of enemy damage, so you can complete his composition of objects with two variants:

  • Physical Defense: Ninja's Tabi with Gargoyle enchant, Dead Man's Plate and Randuin's Omen.
  • Magical Defense: Mercury Threads with Gargoyle enchant, Abyssal Mask and Adaptive Helm.

Tips for Rakan’s playstyle

Tips and tricks rakan wild rift
(Picture: Riot Games)

Like Xayah, there are two factors that stand out in Rakan that differentiate him from other supports: his extreme mobility and his synergy with Xayah.

Being a champion with defensive and initiation skills, it is expected that when you use Rakan, you will have the initiative to engage in confrontations, and be ready to seize any opportunities that might present themselves.

His most common combo will be to use his Grand Entrance, to lift any enemy that is poorly positioned into the air, always trying to take care of those who are close to you and your objective. After this, use your Gleaming Quill to inflict massive damage all the while activating its healing passive.

rakan tips
(Picture: Riot Games)

After this, and if you see yourself and your ally in danger, use your Battle Dance to return to them, and in case you have hit your Gleaming Quill, heal them both. Your Ultimate will be vital for team fights, so you should save it for when necessary, or see that one or more enemies can fall easily.

Finally, let's talk about Xayah. As in her case, when Rakan uses his abilities, these will have increased effects on both during the game, if your ally in the Dragon lane turns out to be the Rebel Vastaya.

In Rakan's case, using Battle Dance will allow Rakan to leap towards Xayah from a greater distance, giving greater cover and better ways to escape any ambushes led by your opponents. In addition, on the return to base Rakan can return to Xayah and vice versa, saving travel time.

Rakan can be a very fun champion to use, given his versatile abilities and great mobility, however, you must be careful with these since if you don't know how to use them well, these can be difficult to control. Once you have learned their impact and range Rakan's Charming Vastaya is one of the game's strongest abilities.