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Wild Rift Season 1: Start time, rewards, and more

Riot Games has given fans of the mobile MOBA information regarding the first official Season in Wild Rift, here's everything you need to know.
Wild Rift Season 1: Start time, rewards, and more

League of Legends Wild Rift is still in its beta phase, with much of the world still unable to play it (in an official manner that is), but Riot Games is still going ahead with Season 1 of the mobile MOBA, which is set to start very soon.

In whichever way you decided to jump into the world of Wild Rift, we've got you covered with all you need to know about Season 1, including start time, rewards, and more!

Let's break it all down below.

Wild Rift Season 1 - Start date

wild rift season 1
(Picture: Riot Games)

Without any specific time, Riot Games has confirmed Wild Rift Season 1 will start this upcoming 8th January, putting an end to Season 0.

So, are there any plans to reward players that took part in Season 0? Yes, there are!

Season 0 - Rewards

According to Riot, those who played matches during Season 0 will receive a player icon, with those that managed to reach Gold and above getting a player emblem as well.

Will Season 1 reset ranks?

Yes, but not completely. Riot said that  "there will be a soft rank reset for Season 1, and Ranked mode will be unavailable for 3-4 hours while we transition between seasons."

Wild Rift Season 1 - Rewards

While the devs didn't show any images, there is a confirmed reward for those that finish Gold and above: a Glorious Tryndamere skin.

For more about Wild Rift, check out the recently published 2.0 patch notes, including buffs and nerfs to Champions, as well as the arrival of five more into the fray.