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How To Beat Aoye Boss In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Aoye is the sixth main boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Here's how you can beat them.
How To Beat Aoye Boss In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Boss battles are an integral part of any Soulslike and Nioh games, as they provide the most challenge. Naturally, overcoming them is an immensely rewarding and satisfying experience Unlike Nioh 1 & 2, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty doesn't have many memorable bosses though its solid moment-to-moment combat more than makes up for it.

Aoye is the sixth main boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, who you will encounter at the end of the mission, 'In Search of the Immortal Wizard.' If you're struggling to get past this enemy or just need some tips to overcome them, you're in the right place. Here's how you can beat Aoye in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 

How To Beat Aoye Boss Fight In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

aoye boss
Aoye has several elemental attacks that you need to watch out for. (Picture: Shreyansh / Koei Tecmo)

Compared to earlier bosses, Aoye is a bit more challenging to tackle.  However, they are not as tedious as any of the bosses in the Nioh games, so buckle up.

Firstly, Aoye has several elemental attacks. A sweeping attack that does stone damage. A chain of lightning attacks that can catch you off guard. And halfway through the battle, they start covering the ground with ice shards. Make sure you equip special effects that increase your resistance against ice, stone, and lightning damage. 

Now, Aoye has three regular attacks that you ought to watch out for. First, the sweeping tentacles attack that does stone damage. You can deflect these, but keep in mind they often send out two of these in a row.

The second is when they push themselves in the air and jump toward you. Thankfully, there is enough window for you to deflect this attack so don't panic when you see them coming to squash you. 

The third is a flurry of attacks from their horns. It's best to move back a little and avoid this altogether since it's quite difficult to deflect every single one of these attacks. 

aoye boss
Aoye's tentacles can reach you even when you're behind them. (Picture: Shreyansh / Koei Tecmo)

Aoye has many tentacles, which they can use to deal damage even when you're behind them, especially when you're behind them. As such, avoid being caught up behind their back. 

While it sends lightning bolts, Aoye is also weak to lightning attacks. We recommend using Wood Phase abilities for this battle. Also, do not forget to use the Divine Beast Qinglong for some extra help.

Unlike Zhang Jiao, Aoye doesn't take much damage from fatal strikes. However, what you can do is deal as much Spirit damage as you can to shorten its Spirit Gauge. This way, you can fill up their negative Spirit Gauge more quickly and deal fatal strikes more frequently.

Aoye has two critical blows. First, where they charge toward you, and second, where they throw one of their arms toward you. The latter is more tricky to deflect than the former. 

Keep these things in mind, and Aoye should be out in no time. 

That pretty much wraps up our guide on how to beat Aoye in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 

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