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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: Best Metal Phase Spells To Unlock

Here is the list of best Metal Phase spells in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty that you should unlock to craft a powerful toxin damage build.
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: Best Metal Phase Spells To Unlock

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you can craft distinctive builds for every elemental damage type, thanks to its Five Phases. These Phases are - Fire, Water, Metal, Earth, and Wood. 

Investing in the Metal Phase will improve your character's Spirit Sustainability and the Spirit Consumption Rate. Furthermore, there are some bosses that are also weak to Metal Phase's Toxin elemental damage. As such, here's our guide explaining the best Metal Phase spells you should unlock in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 

Best Metal Phase spells in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

best metal phase spells wo long
The Toxin Weapon spell is the primary way to imbue Toxin damage to enemies in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. (Picture: Shreyansh / Koei Tecmo)

Below is the list of best Metal Phase spells that you should unlock to craft a powerful toxin damage build. 

Toxin Weapon

Description: For a certain period of time, enchants your current melee weapon with Toxin.

The Toxin Weapon spell is the primary way to imbue Toxin damage to enemies. You can increase its damage effect by embedding special effects like increased 'Toxin Attack Power' and increased 'Melee Attack Damage,' on your weapons and armor. 

Toxin Bubbles

Description: Releases bubbles of poison to the front. Bubbles will burst and create a poison bog when they hit enemies or terrain. The bog will cause continuous damage to enemies touching it. 

Toxin Bubble should be your go-to poison spell for crowd control. It's great for applying toxin damage to a group of enemies. Like the Toxic Weapon spell, you can also increase its effect by applying Toxin-related special effects on your weapons and armor. 

Elemental Plague

Description: Increases the accumulation of all status effects dealt to enemies for a certain period of time. 

The Elemental Plague is one of the best Wizardry spells among all five Phases. Since it increases the accumulation of status effects on enemies, you can mix it with the spells of any of the five Phases. 

Molten Calamity Thorn

Description: Releases a metal-imbued attack that deals damage to enemies it touches. If those enemies are inflicted with any ailments, they will be fully cured, and they will take additional damage corresponding to the number of ailments cured. 

Molten Calamity Thorn is another great toxin spell for crowd control. Although its effect is more intangible, you can still use it to simultaneously deal increased damage to every enemy in proximity regardless of their Phase. Furthermore, you can increase the damage done by embedding additional special effects in your weapons and armor like increased 'Element-Imbued Weapon Spirit Damage.'

Venom Snare

Description: Releases a curse bolt to the front that will form a poison fog around the enemy it hits. The fog will cause damage over time to enemies touching it.

The Venom Snare is an AOE spell that works great, both as crowd control and for accumulating poison damage on bosses. You can increase the accumulation rate even more if you unleash the Divine Beast Baihu. 

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