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How To Beat Taotie Boss In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Taotie is the tenth main boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Here's how you can beat them.
How To Beat Taotie Boss In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Boss battles are one of the highlights of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, for better or worse. Many of these encounters aren't memorable because of their brutal difficulties but because of how laughably easy they are to overcome compared to the bosses in Team Ninja's past games. 

Taotie is the tenth main boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This is the biggest boss encounter in the game, and while it isn't incredibly challenging, it can be quite intimidating at times. If you're struggling to take down this gigantic foe or need some pointers before you get started, you're in the right place. Here's how you can beat Taotie in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

How To Beat Taotie Boss Fight In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

taotie boss guide
Keep some distance from the boss and let your allies handle the basics. (Picture: Shreyansh / Koei Tecmo)

Taotie is easily the stupidest and most hilarious boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Don't fall for their enormous size. This can be the easiest battle in the game, granted you know what to do. What's more, you can take them down in just three fatal strikes.

Once the battle starts, quickly make some distance between yourself and the boss. It's best to take this one from afar, even if it takes a little longer. Liu Bei will accompany you in this battle. Your companion has an integral role to play in this battle, so make sure to bring an extra with you.

Once you have distance yourself from Taotie's proximity, encourage both of your allies to start dealing Spirit damage. 

Taotie has two basic attacks, which they will use when you're standing away from them. The first attack is where they spew multiple poison pools across the arena. You can easily avoid them since this is a massive place after all. The second is this sweeping attack that covers a large area, thanks to their size. You can deflect them, but it's best to run as far as possible from them. 

They also have two critical blows, one of which you don't even have to worry about. In this, they stomp the ground with one of their legs. Since you'll be afar, you won't have to deflect it. Let's hope one of your allies doesn't get squashed by it.

The second critical blow is when they send these red shards at you. These are easy to deflect and usually come in a pair of two. Deflecting these will throw them right back Taotie, thus quickly filling their Upper Spirit Gauge. 

taotie boss guide
Execute fatal strikes to quickly take Taotie out. (Picture: Shreyansh / Koei Tecmo)

Once their Spirit Gauge gets disrupted, Taotie will fall. Quickly run towards their head and perform a fatal strike. It's best to lock onto them when they fall or else it will be difficult to execute a fatal strike. Doing so will wipe out half their health. 

The second half is pretty much the same, except Taotie jumps around a lot and spews these red crystals all over the arena. Once again, encourage your allies to deal damage and fill up Taotie's Upper Spirit Gauge. Do keep an eye out for the flying red crystal critical blow and make sure to deflect them at all costs since this is your one-way ticket to cause Spirit Disruption. 

Once Taotie falls again, quickly jump on the red crystals and reach their back to deal another fatal strike to wipe off their health bar. But hold up a minute the battle isn't over, and Taotie is back with a full health bar.  

taotie boss guide
This boss has two phases. (Picture: Shreyansh / Koei Tecmo)

This time around, they are far more aggressive and will deal multiple sweeping attacks. Carefully dodge or deflect them and wait for a critical blow. In the second phase, Taotie has a new critical blow in which they will charge towards you. Deflect it, and you will jump on its weak spot at the top and stun it momentarily. Take this moment to rain consecutive attacks and fill up their Upper Spirit Gauge, which shouldn't take very long.

At this moment, Taoti will start shaking vigorously. Deal one last fatal strike to wipe its entire health. Easy, right?

And that's it! You have defeated the largest boss in the game. That concludes our guide on how to beat Taotie in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 

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