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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - How To Fast Travel

The open-world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is massive, and simply walking isn't feasible. Here's how and where you can fast travel in Aionios.
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - How To Fast Travel

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 takes place in the world of Aionios, in which the two nations, Agnus and Keeves, are at constant war with one another.

It's a massive world, over times five times bigger than Xenoblade Chronicles 2, that could take well over 150 hours for you to explore every nook and cranny.

Of course, traveling back and forth can be tedious, not to mention time taking. While exploration is always rewarding, sometimes it's best to take the back seat and fast-travel to your desired location. As such, to make things easy for you, here's our guide explaining how to fast travel in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. 

How fast travel works in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

fast travel xenoblade chronicles 3
You can fast travels to previously visited Landmarks, Colonies, Rest Spots, and Named Graves in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. (Picture: Monolith Soft)

To fast travel in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, simply open the map and select the point of interest you want to visit. However, like every open-world game, you can only fast-travel to locations you have previously visited.

In the case of Xenoblade Chronicles, these areas include Landmarks, Colonies, Rest Spots, and Named Graves.

Landmarks are points of interest with gorgeous vistas in the world of Aionios. These are the most common fast travel points in the game, and you will encounter these often when exploring the open world. 

Colonies are base camps of the game's two main factions. These are the game's version of towns where you can interact with NPCs and pick up side quests.

Rest spots are campsites scattered around the world of Aionios, where you can craft items, cook meals, listen to the banters of your party members, or just soak in the view.

fast travel xenoblade chronicles 3
Fast travel in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 does not cost money or resource. (Picture: Monolith Soft)

Named Graves are areas where you defeat powerful unique bosses in the game. They appear as a fast travel point on the map after you have defeated the big foe in the vicinity.

That concludes our guide on how to fast travel in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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Featured image courtesy of Monolith Soft.