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LeafyIsHere banned from YouTube after "bullying" Pokimane videos

The YouTuber has been reportedly banned for harassing behaviour.
LeafyIsHere banned from YouTube after "bullying" Pokimane videos

Calvin Lee Vail, better known to his following as LeafyIsHere, was a popular YouTube channel that focussed on gossip and drama content, with gaming also making an appearance on more than a few occasions. The American YouTube star was known for stirring up controversy wherever he could find it, and his return to the platform was immediately followed with a huge diss video directed at Twitch user Pokimane.

leafyishere pokimane youtube banned
(Picture: Leafyishere)

Now, just four months after Leafy returned to content creation, the 25-year-old’s YouTube account has been permanently removed, with all prior content made inaccessible to the public. In fact, the channel has been completely deleted, leaving little trace of the YouTuber’s presence.

According to a tweet from fellow gossip blogger Keemstar, Leafy’s account was removed due to harassment. The YouTuber, famous for his DramaAlert videos, tweeted out a screenshot from the platform which states that Leafy’s account was banned for “multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully, or threaten.”

The ban comes only a matter of hours after Leafy tweeted out against fellow YouTube star PewDiePie, labelling the popular content creator a racist. In the same time period, Leafy also continued to hit out against Pokimane, continuing allegations that the star has a boyfriend.

It appears that Leafy had just released a second takedown video against Pokimane prior to his channel’s removal, sparking rumours that the Twitch star may have been involved in his termination from the platform. However, it seems equally likely that YouTube saw this continued pursuit of a single person as having violated their content policy.

Leafy is set to appear on Keemstar’s channel to further talk about the ban soon, and it appears that the ex-YouTuber is reaching out publicly via Twitter to TeamYouTube in an effort to circumvent what the user is labelling a ‘suspension’. Although his fanbase is tweeting to #FreeLeafy, it’s unclear at this point as to whether or not the user will every be clear to return to his platform.