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YouTuber Ryan Trahan Launches New Penny Challenge For

YouTuber Ryan Trahan's daring Penny Challenge returns, this time in the form of a cross-country challenge fundraising for
YouTuber Ryan Trahan Launches New Penny Challenge For

You can support Ryan Trahan's charity Penny Challenge by donating to at this link.

American YouTuber and entrepreneur Ryan Trahan has announced a second Penny Challenge in a philanthropic sequel that his fans have eagerly anticipated. Known for his daring, immersive content, Trahan is planning to cross a foreign country (yet to be revealed) to return home to America in only seven days, armed with nothing more than a single penny.

Much like its predecessor, this challenge's goal is to raise funds for charity. This time around, Trahan has chosen to support, an organization committed to providing access to safe water and sanitation worldwide. His aim is to raise $100,000 for the cause, enough to secure lasting clean water access for twenty thousand people.

This ambitious project follows Trahan's first Penny Challenge, which saw him journey across America in 2023. Starting with just one cent, Trahan crossed the country to deliver the penny to YouTube superstar MrBeast, all while raising funds for Feeding America. The challenge was a resounding success, raising a staggering $1.4 million and providing 14 million meals for those in need.

Trahan’s challenge began after a discussion with MrBeast, who suggested that pennies were becoming extinct. Inspired, Trahan decided to prove the value of a penny by using it as his sole resource for his journey across the country. The adventure was followed by millions worldwide, as Trahan traded, bartered, and negotiated his way from Los Angeles to Greenville, North Carolina, delivering the penny to MrBeast and meeting his ambitious fundraising goal.

For his new challenge, Trahan has put a twist on his previous donation incentives. Notable donations will continue to trigger various effects on his journey. A donation of $1,000 will get the donor's name on the end screen of the video, while $5,000 will earn a verbal thank-you. Those who donate $50,000 can activate "The Great Reset," forcing Trahan to start over with just his original penny.


For an additional dollar (i.e., $50,001), donors can grant Trahan a 24-hour invincibility from the dreaded reset. At the top end of the scale, a donation of $100,000 earns the donor an "ad read," where Trahan will share a 15-30 second promotional message during the video series.

In his announcement, Trahan urged his followers to spread the word, tagging brands and individuals to get involved in the challenge. The YouTuber acknowledged the difficulty of the upcoming endeavor but remains optimistic about reaching the goal of $100,000 (update: at the time of writing, the project has already raised over $35,000; the challenge hasn't even begun).

Opportunity starts with safe water. Yet 1 in 10 people around the world lack access to safe water and 1 in 4 people lack access to a toilet. I’m supporting to help change this.

Together we can help change lives with safe water and the health and opportunity that flow from it.
Every $5 helps provide one person with lasting access to safe water or sanitation.

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Trahan, originally from Texas, is widely known for his lifestyle vlogs, challenge videos, and his entrepreneurial spirit. Apart from YouTube, he's also the founder of Neptune Bottle and the Howdy clothing line. Now boasting over 12.8 million subscribers, Trahan continues to use his platform to combine entertainment with philanthropy, making significant impacts while providing engaging content for his viewers.

Moreover, from what it seems, it appears that Trahan's latest Penny Challenge is one of five potential "Penny Series" challenges, the first of which begins on July 1st. Stay tuned to follow Trahan's daring journey, contribute to the cause, and be a part of this unique adventure merging entertainment and charity.