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All New Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Abilities and Powers

Here we will go over all the new powers that are in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
All New Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Abilities and Powers

On May 12th, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will finally be released after many years of waiting. This game has been highly anticipated for many years for a multitude of reasons. For starters, Zelda fans were not expecting a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild to ever happen. But now that it is happening, fans cannot wait to get their hands on this title.

To garner more excitement, Nintendo launched a gameplay trailer showing off actual gameplay for Tears of the Kingdom. During this gameplay trailer, we got to see a lot of the different powers that Link will have in this particular title. Here, we are going to go over all of the new Tears of the Kingdom powers (at least that we know about) and precisely what they do.

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Fuse is the first power that we see in the gameplay trailer for Tears of the Kingdom. In this game, players can combine items to make stronger weapons. Link can combine items to the weapon he is currently holding, to arrows, and to his shields. Fusing will make everything you have more power. For example, a simple tree branch is not that strong but combined with a boulder, it becomes a strong and durable hammer. It seems that there are near limitless possibilities with the Fuse power

Tears of the Kingdom Powers
Fuse items together to make stronger weapons. (Picture: Nintendo)


Ascend is a power meant for traversal. Ascend allows players to rise up and pass through ceilings, appearing on the floor above. So if you are in a cave at the bottom of a hill and you can use the ascend ability to appear on top of the hill. This will make traversing in Tears of the Kingdom a lot easier.

Tears of the Kingdom Powers
Use the Ascend power to pass through ceilings and travel faster. (Picture: Nintendo)


The Recall ability is an interesting power. The Recall ability allows you to take an object and send it back in time to an earlier position. So if a boulder is rolling towards you down a hill, you can use the Recall power to send that boulder back up the hill. The Recall ability will have very interesting interactions with hazards that enemies throw at you.

Tears of the Kingdom Powers
Send items back in time with the Recall power. (Picture: Nintendo)


The Ultrahand ability is something that will allow players to really flex their creativity. Ultrahand allows players to combine large objects together. Although this sounds simple, players can invent complex machines through the Ultrahand ability. Players can make boats, flying machines, wagons, and even flying boats by using Ultrahand. If players need to get to a far-off location and they do not know how using Ultrahand will help.

Tears of the Kingdom Powers
Build rideable objects with the Ultrahand power in Tears of the Kingdom. (Picture: Nintendo)

Check out the gameplay trailer by Nintendo on YouTube to see some of the powers mentioned above in action.