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How To Find & Access Gerudo Town In Tears Of The Kingdom

As Link looks to investigate the phenomena in four towns, he'll need to discover Gerudo Town, so here's how to find it in Tears of the Kingdom.
How To Find & Access Gerudo Town In Tears Of The Kingdom

Gerudo Town is a vibrant location, despite being located in the heart of the desert, as it’s home ot one of the largest communities. Following the events of Breath of the Wild, however, this town is engulfed by a sand shroud, which Link goes to investigate.

Finding this deserted town can be slightly tricky as Link must combat new enemies and a dangerous sandstorm. Here’s how to find Gerudo Town and access its emergency shelter in Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Find Gerudo Town In Tears Of The Kingdom?

There are various ways to find this quaint town amid a sand shroud; however, we’ve discovered it by starting the Regional Phenomena Main Quest. Gerudo Town is one of four towns marked for this quest; it’s located southwest of Lookout Landing and requires some patience, good geographical sense, and a paraglider received from Purrah.

the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom location guide gerudo town how to find kara kara bazaar map location
Gerudo Town is not far away from the Kara Kara Bazaar, but you won't be able to use the Purrah pad for navigation. (Screenshot: Nintendo / Ashleigh Klein)

You can use the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower for an early boost in that general direction and climb the mountainsides, but you will need to locate the Kara Kara Bazaar as a primary location. The coordinates for this location are -3267, -2550, 0023, and you can explore the bazaar and pick up a Side Quest to complete later on.

Additionally, you must activate the Mayatat Shrine as a fast travel point, making it easier to travel to Kara Kara Bazaar if you lose your way or die, as you’ll respawn here. If you don’t have Heat Resisitence armor or elixirs at the bazaar at this point, cooking up Hydromelon to get the Chilly Simmed Fruit dish will give some minor Heat Resisitence to find Gerudo Town.

By the merchant that sells Hydromelons, make a right turn before the General Store, and you’ll find an updraft and the Voe Caravan Squad, which you can pull out the Paraglider to ride. You’ll need to glide from the updraft to a stone monolith to the left, where you can use your Purrah Pad and glide your way down in a straight line to find the Desert Rift.

the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom location guide gerudo town how to find kara kara bazaar updraft
Locate the updraft behind the bazaar to glide over the Desert Rift to reach Gerudo Town. (Screenshot: Nintendo / Ashleigh Klein)

You’ll find plenty of Hyrdromelon along the path and another updraft leading you to Gerudo Town, using it to go straight. You’ll need to locate the Gerudo Shelter, but you won’t gain access yet, but there is a way.

How To Access Gerudo Shelter In Tears Of The Kingdom?

After finding Gerudo Town and locating the entrance to the shelter, you won’t be granted access by its people. Head back to the square, and to the right, there’s a well with a green canopy which you can drop down into its water system.

Find the bottle floating in the water and draw it close to you to interact with it, and you can use the Ultrahand ability to get it out of the water. This bottle is the vai that you’re fated to meet, but keep moving towards the end and use the Ascend ability to reach the shelter.

The Gerudo Guard will see you as a threat and attempt to throw you out, but Buliara will recognize Link and grant you access to the shelter. She will give you a quest to meet up with Lady Riju, who’s north of Gerudo Town at the ruins training.