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How High Can You Go In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

Take to the skies or explore the depths as this guide reveals the height and depth limits in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
How High Can You Go In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

Exploration is one of the features that Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is beloved for. The game sports an open world sprawling with enemies, areas to explore, and items to collect, but is there a limit if you choose to explore the skies or the undergrounds below the kingdom of Hyrule? 

If you're curious to know more about the height and depth limit o the game, then we have you covered. As this guide will detail exactly how high or low you can go in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

How High Can You Go in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

Let's first discuss the upper height limit in the game, since this is the most simple (even if tedious) place to reach. The upper limit of the game is roughly around +3300 on the Y-Axis and can be reached by using your Balloon to keep going up until you can't reach any higher. 

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Peak Height
The maximum height elevation in the game is +3300 on the Y-Axis. (Picture: Nintendo)

This traversal will take some time, so just keep that in mind if you plan to make your way to this height point. Now, let's discuss the opposite direction, and figure out how low you can go below sea level in the underground depths.

Thanks to the expansive network of caves and tunnels in the game, various spots go quite far into the ground and based on what players have seen, the lowest elevation that players can reach is -1166 on the Y-Axis. This is quite a trip down since the sea level for context would be at elevation 0.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Lowest depth elevation
The lowest depth you can reach is around -1166 below sea level. (Picture: Nintendo)

Luckily, if you want to make the trek down to this area, getting back up isn't too much of a drag since you can use abilities such as Ascent to make your way back to the surface quite easily. For spoiler reasons, we won't disclose exactly where these areas are and will leave it to you to find for yourself if you're seeking to reach the depths of Hyrule. 

And there you have it, a quick look at the maximum height and depth limits for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Of course, you can use your Balloon or Glider as well as the Ascend ability to explore this world and find everything it has to offer, so be sure to experiment and explore as much as you can.