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How to Go Underground in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom doesn’t just let you soar into the skies, it also allows you to delve into the underbelly of Hyrule.
How to Go Underground in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

After some teasing trailers were shown prior to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s release showing Link and Zelda exploring underground together, players were left wondering whether they could venture into Hyrule’s depths in-game. Already spoiled at the prospect of taking to the skies, players can indeed explore beneath Hyrule Kingdom in dark, dangerous areas known as The Depths. 

In this guide, we’ll explain how to find your way underground in Tears of the Kingdom and where to look on your map for a quick dip into the dark unknown.

How to Get into The Depths in Tears of the Kingdom


To gain access to the Depths, you’ll first need to locate one of the many new Chasms that have opened up due to the Upheaval event that lifted Hyrule Castle and transformed the kingdom around you. You’ll note entrances to chasms by their circular fissure shape and the life-sapping gloom surrounding them. 

We’d highly advise ensuring you’ve got the Paraglider unlocked early before trying to delve into any chasm, as you’ll find a swift demise jumping into the pitch-black pits without a safety net.

Where is the Quickest Way into The Depths?


The earliest you can make your way underground to The Depths is by grabbing the Paraglider and heading south from Lookout Landing to Jiosin Shrine. Before you even reach the shrine from this route you’ll be met with the Hyrule Field Chasm pit, where Daval, a Hylian survey team member will be peering down the entryway. 

Be prepared before you jump in as it’s pitch black down there. We’d highly recommend bringing some Brightbloom Seeds with you and firing some beneath you as you descend so you can see where you’re landing and conserve your precious early-game stamina.

There are plenty more chasm entrances to find throughout Hyrule, so put your best foot forward and get your hands on useful gear like the Climbing set to help you traverse land, underground caves, or sky islands.