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How to Get the Tunic of the Depths in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This dark garment will provide ample Gloom resistance while exploring underground, but you'll need to get ghost-hunting to get it!
How to Get the Tunic of the Depths in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The inclusion of subterranean exploration in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been well welcomed by players eager to delve into The Depths of Hyrule. However, the ever-present danger of Gloom covering the deep chasms means that you’ll need to come equipped with Gloom resistance gear - enter the Tunic of the Depths. 

Acting as more of an exploratory buff - similar to the returning climbing gear or the brand new gliding shirt - Gloom resistance will be key in avoiding any sticky mishaps down under. In this guide, we’ll explain the importance of Gloom resistance and where you can get your hands on the hallowed Tunic of the Depths.

How to Find the Tunic of the Depths


The Tunic of the Depths can only be obtained from one of the Poe Bargaining Statues dotted around the underground. It’s not immediately obtainable either - you’ll first need to speak with the Poe Bargaining Statue beneath the observatory in Lookout Landing with at least one Poe soul in your inventory to activate what is basically an exchange shop.

Where to find Poes


Poes are dotted around The Depths, you’ll spot the blue-flamed souls easily enough even in the pitch-black, although we would recommend bringing Brightblossom Seeds with you to make sure you don’t blindly step on a Bokoblin. They’re usually found in small to large batches and are generally littered around most of the area. To pick them up, simply approach and press the A-button.

How to unlock the Tunic of the Depths


After speaking to the Lookout Landing Poe Statue with at least one soul, you’ll notice the Tunic of the Depths won’t be available for exchange just yet. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Speak to the Poe Bargaining Statue at Lookout Landing once more.

  2. After backing out of the exchange option, the statue will ask if you’d like to find more of its brethren.

  3. Pay a single poe soul in exchange for the marked location of the Plains Bargaining Statue on The Depths map.

  4. Enter the underground, and head south and a little bit to the east to find it.

  5. Interact with the statue, who’ll then offer the Tunic of the Depths in exchange for 150 poes.

As long as you’re careful and come prepared with plenty of light sources, and of course mind your step from all the Gloom, you’ll be able to nab plenty of poes in no time!

How Does Gloom Resistance Work?


So, you’ve got the Tunic of the Depths, but not quite sure how it works - the best thing is to think of it like an extra heart, but for the Gloom debuff only. If you trudge through Gloom long enough, you’ll lose access to a heart or more and be unable to replenish them until you teleport to a shrine or one of the underground’s Lightroots. 

With Gloom Resistance gear equipped, you’ll have one (or more) ticks of Gloom damage with which to run through and get to safety before it eats into your actual health pool. Pretty nifty, plus it replenishes over time! 

That’s everything you need to get your hands on the very useful Tunic of the Depths, in the meantime, make sure to check out how to beat Flux Construct I, who you may encounter nearby during your poe hunting.