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Apex Legends brings back DUMMIE's Big Day with the September Soiree event

The LTM (Limited-Time Mode) will make its return to the battle royale from 8th September to the 15th as Respawn announced their bringing back a returning mode each week during the event.
Apex Legends brings back DUMMIE's Big Day with the September Soiree event

While Apex Legends, Respawn's team-based battle royale, can be a hyper-competitive affair, there's always room for a bit of fun or casual play.

With this in mind, the devs have introduced plenty of LTMs (limited-time modes) to add variety to the Apex Legends experience, with DUMMIE's Big Day making a return for the second time in the year, kicking off the September Soiree event. 



"Now through October 5, we're bringing back a different LTM each week starting today with DUMMIE's Big Day," Respawn said via Twitter.

DUMMIE's Big Day turns everyone into one of the training dummies players can use to practice in the shooting ground. What makes the mode interesting, is that in Apex Legends, each character has a specific set of abilities to help them turn the tide of battle in their favour. 

dummies big day apex
(Photo: Respawn Entertainment)

Instead, with DBD, you'll get the option to spawn randomised loot and three ultimates, which can heal your team, make weapons and ammo rain from the sky, or spawn copies of you to bamboozle the opponents.

The mode was first introduced in January of this year, as the finale to the Grand Soirée event, and it seems fans were itching for some more, with Respawn hearing their voices loud and clear. 

Respawn still has a ton on their plate, with sound issues or weapon balance changes ruining the experience for a great portion of the community.

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