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Apex Legends
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Apex Legends Horizon Skin Inverse Polarity: How to get for free with Prime Gaming

Here's how you can get the Horizon Inverse Polarity skin in Apex Legends for free using Twitch Prime Gaming.
With the release of Apex Legends Season 7, Respawn introduced a new Legend called Horizon. Now, you can kit out Horizon with a brand-new Inverse Polarity skin, which looks awesome. This is a Prime Gaming (formerly known as Twitch Prime) exclusive skin, and you have until late December to claim it. Here's how you can get the Horizon Inverse Polarity skin for free in Apex Legends Season 7.

Horizon Inverse Polarity: How to get for free

The Horizon Inverse Polarity skin isn't available via the Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass like most other cosmetics. Instead, you will need to have an active Prime Gaming subscription to claim it.

You have from now until 28th December to get the Horizon Inverse Polarity skin for free, so don't miss out. 

Apex Legends Horizon Inverse Polarity skin free Prime Gaming(Picture: Respawn Entertainment)


While you need to be a Prime Gaming member to claim the Horizon Inverse Polarity skin for free, there's another option to get it completely free. 

When prompted to sign into the Apex Legends Prime Gaming loot page, and you don't have a membership, you can click on "Try Prime" to use a free trial to get your loot.

Follow the steps below to get Horizon Inverse Polarity for free.

  • Go to the Apex Legends Prime Gaming loot page and click Claim now on the loot you want to get.
  • When prompted, sign in to Prime Gaming.
  • After you’re redirected to the loot page, click Claim now again.
  • When prompted, log in to your EA Account.
  • EA will ask for permission to use your account. Click Authorize if you agree.
  • EA and Prime Gaming will ask to link your accounts. Click Yes, link them.
  • You’ll get a notification that you’re successfully linked.
  • Confirm that your accounts are linked and you received your loot.

Using the trail option for Prime Gaming will get you the Horizon Inverse Polarity skin without paying a cent. However, this is only if you have never signed up to Twitch Prime before.

If you have an account, you will need an active subscription to get the brand-new Apex Legends skin. While you are at it, you can also claim the Lifeline skin called "Pastel Dreams" for free.