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Apex Legends Mad Maggie: Release date, abilities, lore, loadout, more

Mad Maggie is the latest Legend to be added into the popular BR title, Apex Legends, and here's everything we know about her, from lore and abilities to release date.
Apex Legends Mad Maggie: Release date, abilities, lore, loadout, more

Apex Legends Season 12 is inching closer and Respawn is slowly starting to reveal more details about the content slated to be released with the Season 12 update.

Of course, one of the most exciting things with each new season is the reveal of a new Legend set to join the Apex Games, usually via the latest " Stories from the Outlands" lore video.

And in Season 12, we will have the honour to meet Mad Maggie.

Who exactly is Mad Maggie, and what do we know about her at the moment? Let's find out!

Who is Mad Maggie? Backstory and lore detailed

Apex Legends Mad Maggie: Release date, abilities, lore, loadout, more
Mad Maggie is set to be released in Season 12 Defiance. (Picture: EA)

If you follow Apex Legends lore closely, you are most likely already familiar with Margaret "Mad Maggie" Kōhere. She was first introduced back in Season 8, via the "Good as Gold" Stories from the Outlands video which served as the introduction for the Season 8 Legend, Fuse.

She and Fuse were childhood buddies and later associates, who grew up together on planet Salvo. When Salvo became incorporated into the Syndicate, Fuse decided to leave his home planet and join the Apex Games.

Mad Maggie wasn't happy about him leaving the planet, as she is a huge Salvo patriot and she lead a rebellion against the Syndicate for years. They had a small conflict over this disagreement which resulted in an accident, leaving Fuse without his hand.

She then haunted Fuse all the way to Kings Canyon, where her actions caused map changes and several special events during Season 8. Fuse and some other Legends fought her and managed to put a stop to her terror. She then mysteriously vanished, with many believing she was dead.

That wasn't the case and Mad Maggie was actually caught and imprisoned by the Syndicate for her rebellion against them, and after a trial, the judge sentenced her to death. But at the very last moment, an intervention from higher authorities pardoned her, and she was instead sent to compete in the Apex Games.

What are Mad Maggie's abilities?

Apex Legends Mad Maggie: Release date, abilities, lore, loadout, more
Respawn is yet to release details about Mad Maggie's abilities. (Picture: EA)

Respawn hasn't yet officially revealed the abilities of the new Legend, but there is already some speculation based on her images, as well as previous leaks and rumours.

If we look at her image, she has some kind of a huge metal whip in one hand, and something that resembles a Beyblade in her other hand, and it looks like the Beyblade thing gets charged up once she draws the whip from the Beyblade-like shield.

While we are not sure what this can be, we know that it most likely isn't going to be a flashbang ability or stunning ability, as developers have stated quite a few times that they intend to reduce the number of stunning abilities in the game and that they are not planning on adding a flashbang ability.

This means that Mad Maggie most likely isn't the leaked Husaria character, as she has a flashbang, but things could have changed since the leak.

For now, that's about everything we know about her abilities.

When is Mad Maggie coming to Apex Legends?

Mad Maggie is set to be added to the game alongside the Season 12 update. 

Apex Legends Season 12, "Defiance", is set to kick off on 8th February 2022.


Featured image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.