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Apex Legends patch 1.78 nerfs Prowler and L-STAR, fixes several bugs

Apex Legends 1.78 update is the first balance update following the start of Season 10 and it comes with a few minor balance changes and bug fixes.
Apex Legends patch 1.78 nerfs Prowler and L-STAR, fixes several bugs

It has been a week since the start of Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence, and Respawn is now bringing the first few minor changes.

It turns out that the Prowler and the L-Star have been a bit too oppressive during the first week of Season 10, and that's why we are seeing Respawn nerfing both weapons.

If you check out our Apex Legends Season 10 weapon tier list, you could see our prediction that all those L-Star changes will make the weapon great, as was the case.

apex legends nerfs apex legends 1.78
The L-Star received the most changes with the Season 10 update. (Picture: EA)

As a first measure, Respawn is reducing a player's speed while ADSing with the L-Star, but given that the weapon was particularly powerful in Arenas as well,  they will also make it more expensive in the 3v3 mode.

On the other side, the Prowler has its damage reduced, and it's also getting a price raising measure in Arenas.

While this is a relatively small update in terms of balance, Respawn promises "a balance pass on Seer" for the upcoming week.

apex legends nerfs apex legends 1.78
The community is unanimous that Seer needs major nerfs as soon as possible. (Picture: EA)

For a number of players, Seer's nerfs can't come soon enough, as the latest legend added to the game is deemed broken by the community, and his ultimate is seen as "a wallhack that you can use legally."

Apex Legends update 1.78 full patch notes

  • Fixed several bugs with Seer's abilities 
  • Solved a script error that was sometimes triggered by an interaction between Fuse's ult and Wattson's ult
  • Prowler damage reduced from 15>14
  • Reduced speed while ADSing with the L-Star
  • Fixed a map hole near Climatizer
  • Prices for the Prowler and L-Star in Arenas raised

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