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Apex Legends Season 13 Out of Bounds change

Among many changes in Apex Legends Season 13, being out of bounds will bring new rules.
Apex Legends Season 13 Out of Bounds change

Apex Legends Season 13 is full of changes to mechanics and items throughout the game, and this time around, the way that out of bounds zones work will change. Considering the way that these zones can be used in movement strategies, it's sure to shake up the flow of a match.

 When players go out of bounds in any given round, the zone is technically not in play, and that team needs to leave as soon as possible. Regardless of the zone technically being out of play, you can use any abilities of equipment that you have at your disposal. That aspect is set to change entirely.

Out of bounds mechanics will change in Apex Legends Season 13

Apex Legends out of bounds tweet
Out of bounds zone are about to drastically change. (Picture: Twitter / alphaINTEL)

When Apex Legends Season 13 drops on May 10, the new out of bounds changes will be live, and that strategy will no longer be viable. One of the main reasons for this is the removal of abilities when you are in an out of bounds location on the map. That means leaving those areas will also be much harder. Every mechanic that has been removed from these zones can be found below.

  • Weapons can no longer be fired.
  • Equipment like grenades will be prohibited.
  • Legend Abilities will be unavailable.
  • Survival items can no longer be used.
  • Players will not be able to heal or use healing items.
  • Passive abilities will be disabled in these zones.

With all of the removed mechanics in the out of bounds zones, they will likely become pointless for strategy. Before this change, these zones could temporarily be used for height advantage, especially in a condensed circle.

Some players have expressed concern that this will punish any teams that accidentally get thrown out of play zones. Of course, that's not likely, but it can happen if a jumpmaster throws players off the path.

Helmets are another changed item in Apex Legends Season 3

Apex Legends helmet changes
A new Legend and helmet changes arrive in Season 13. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Another item that received a surprising change for the upcoming season is the helmet. There are four helmet rarities in total, and two of them will be getting a buff to the overall damage that they are able to mitigate.

The blue helmets, which are considered Rare, will get a 10% increase in damage reduction, bringing them to 50% in total for Season 13. Epic or purple helmets will get a 15% increase bringing them to a 65% damage reduction in total.

Of course, there are far more changes coming with the new season, including a brand new Legend. 


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Featured image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.