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Apex Legends
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Apex Legends suspends the return of the DUMMIE's Big Day LTM amid game-breaking bug

The September Soirée had a rough start as the initial limited-time mode came with a massive bug that crashed the server for everyone ready to play.
Apex Legends fans have had to endure multiple technical issues in recent weeks, specifically since the release of Season 6.

dummie apex legends

Yes, the new update brought things like a new crafting system or the latest Legend, Rampart, to spice things up in the world of Apex Legends, but it also caused broken sound design and server issues to ruin the experience for players.

Now, another unreal bug has snuck its way into Respawn's battle royale, affecting those looking to play DUMMIEs Big Day, the limited-time mode (LTM) that returned with the September Soirée event.


"We're hitting pause on the party. After DUMMIES Big Day went live, we discovered a bug that caused server crashes if a player AFKed on character select. For the health of the game and our players, we're turning it off and working on a fix with details to come as we have them," the developers tweeted out.

With DUMMIE's Big Day set to leave again next 15th September, it seems likely Respawn will let the LTM stick around for an extra day or two while the issues are fixed.

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