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Apex Legends Valentine's Day Rendezvous: Release Date, Duos, Pathfinder & Nessie Charms

Everything you need to know ahead of Apex Legends Valentine's Day Rendezvous including how you can get hold of the exclusive valentines day badge, how long you will be able to play Duos and when the Pathfinder and Nessie charms are released.
Apex Legends Valentine's Day Rendezvous: Release Date, Duos, Pathfinder & Nessie Charms
  • Duos return tomorrow (Feb 11) with the arrival of Valentine's Day Rendezvous
  • Login to Apex Legends to receive Valentines 2020 badge.
  • "Double Up" in effect - double XP rewards up to a max of 20,000 XP a day.
  • Valentine's Day themed Nessie and Pathfinder gun charms available to purchase.

If the thought of a candlelit dinner or a trip in a gondola makes you physically wretch, then you probably aren't a fan of the usual Mills and Boon inspired Valentine's Day. 

If this is the case, Apex Legends has you covered - with their brand new Valentine's Day Revendvouz event.


Running for the week from 11-18th February players will be able to jump into the world of Apex as Duos, think Trios minus one person (you can imagine one last person in your life can't you?) 

This is the second time Duos has been in the game since it debuted back in November of last year.

Everyone who logins during the event will receive a Valentine's 2020 badge and with "Double Up" in effect will be able to gain double the usual XP rewards up to a max of 20k a day.

Apex Legends Valentines Day Event Rendezvous

There are also two exclusive Valentine's Day themed cosmetics for the Nessie and Pathfinder guns available throughout the week - they might help you get bad bads guy, if not love, in your sights.

Apx Legends Valentines Day Schedule and Release Date

Last year's Through the Heart skin for the Longbow DMR and the Love of the Game banner are also available at a discount through the Apex Store.

This event comes hot on the heels of the release of Season 4 which saw the introduction of a new legend, Revenant, and an updated map and ranking system.