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How To Play Bloodhound In Apex Legends (Season 18 Guide)

Playing Apex Legends' Bloodhound requires mastery of their abilities.
How To Play Bloodhound In Apex Legends (Season 18 Guide)
(Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Bloodhound is one of Apex Legends' most mysterious characters, choosing to reveal very little about the identity behind the armor. What we do know, though, is that Bloodhound is one of the most powerful Apex Legends characters, especially in the hands of a player who knows what they're doing and has mastered their abilities. Bloodhound is one Legend that we'd definitely recommend taking the time to learn. Let's take a deeper look at Bloodhound, including all of their abilities and how to best play them.

12 October 2023 - Page updated and checked for accuracies. This Apex Legends guide will be updated again following the start of Season 19.

Bloodhound Overview

  • Real Name - Blódhundr
  • Age - 40
  • Home World - Talos
  • Class - Recon
  • Tactical Ability - Eye of the Allfather
  • Passive Ability - Tracker
  • Ultimate Ability - Beast of the Hunt

All Bloodhound Abilities In Apex Legends

Like all Legends in Apex Legends, Bloodhound has a passive, tactical, and ultimate ability. As a Recon Legend, Bloodhound's abilities center around tracking opponents and pinning down the locations of important landmarks. Bloodhound is also known as the game's Technological Tracker.

Passive Ability: Tracker

  • Actions performed by enemies leave markers that Bloodhound can see. See below for all actions that leave evidence.
  • When no enemies are around, Bloodhound can see White Ravens in the world, which can be interacted with to cause them to fly towards the nearest enemy.

Tactical Ability: Eye Of The Allfather

  • In a 125° cone in front of you, all enemies, traps, clues, and Loot Ticks are highlighted and tracked to be seen by you and your allies. 

Ultimate Ability: Beast Of The Hunt

  • Upon activation, immediately deploys a White Raven, which flies toward the nearest enemy. Each enemy downed will cause additional White Ravens to spawn.
  • Your vision turns black and white, except for enemies, which are highlighted in red.
beast of the hunt bloodhound
Bloodhound's Beast of the Hunt allows them to deal damage to nearby enemies. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Tips To Master Bloodhound In Apex Legends

Mastering Bloodhound requires making good use of your abilities in each match and knowing how to use them both against varying opponents and to help your team. Employ these strategies to be the best Bloodhound you can be

1. Be A Team Player

Communication is always critical in Apex Legends, but when playing as Bloodhound, you'll want to make sure you don't falter in that department. Your teammates don't see the enemies and loot that are highlighted to you with your ability, so you'll need to let them know where to go next, where the goods are, and what spots to avoid. Using your pings frequently, or even communicating over voice chat, is a great way to ensure you're sharing all useful info with your team so they don't get blindsided.

2. Synergize With Teammates

While Bloodhound's tracking can be game-changing, he isn't a very aggressive Legend and will instead rely on teammates to do much of the damage. As such, it's important to create synergy with your team - a team of all trackers will tend to struggle no matter what. Bloodhound couples well with Legends like Bangalore, Gibraltar, or Caustic, who can make use of the information you provide and deliver decisive blows.

bloodhound apex legends guide
Bloodhound is a tracking Legend. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

3. Use Your Tactical Before Entering

Your tactical ability lets you see enemies, Loot, traps, and more in an area just in front of you. This makes it perfect for scanning areas before you go in. Use your tactical before you head into a new area to scope it out; not only can you avoid being ambushed - since you'll know exactly where opponents are - but you'll also be able to immediately locate the best Loot before others can.

4. Don't Be Too Aggressive

As we mentioned before, Bloodhound's ability is great for tracking, but he's not so great at combat. As such, it's a good idea to take cover when possible and avoid being too aggressive, even if it's tempting to run towards those gunshots right after you land. You'll especially want to take cover and remain mindful when using your ability; otherwise, you might be ambushed before you're even able to use it.

5. Switch Up Your Loadout

Having the perfect loadout is really important for some Apex Legends characters, like Wraith, who should be regularly engaged in direct combat. Bloodhound is a little bit different; since they will engage in minimal combat on the field and instead mainly convey information to their team, there aren't any weapons that really stand out on Bloodhound. What is important, though, is choosing a loadout that aligns with your intended playstyle on this character and preparing for an array of situations.

Snipers and DMRs can help you scope out and eliminate players that you've identified with your ability at long-range, but close-range weapons like shotguns can help you protect yourself in case of an ambush while using your ability or communicating with teammates. As such, while you're definitely free to experiment with what you carry on this character, you might do well to have one long-range weapon and one short-range weapon on hand at any given time. Exactly what those long-range and short-range weapons are, though, is totally up to you.

Masterfully playing Bloodhound in Apex Legends requires skill, practice, and knowledge of the game's maps and mechanics. We hope that these tips and tricks will help you as you learn to play Bloodhound and fight it out in the ring.