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Dr Disrespect actually loves Apex Legends

YouTube star, Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm, recently backtracked on his initial outburst regarding Apex Legends shields, says "I actually do love this game"
Dr Disrespect actually loves Apex Legends

Popular and beloved YouTube streamer, Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm, recently made an outburst regarding Apex Legends. In a clip he posted on Twitter, Dr Disrespect went on a full-blown rant about how he hates Apex Legends because "it's so boring". He also claimed how campers with "bubble shields" ruin the competitive experience of the game.

The YouTube star has previously criticized Apex Legends in the past, but this recent outburst made waves on social media this past week. This prompted Dr Disrespect to subsequently backtrack on his initial criticism of the game and cleared the air by saying that he "actually does love Apex Legends".

Dr Disrespect says he actually does love Apex Legends

Technically, Dr Disrespect never actually apologized for his outburst, nor should he. In his initial outburst, he said: "shooting shields? I don’t like it! A full spray, and the f***ing clip is never enough to knock a guy!" and we have to concur.

Indeed, his outburst may have come across as strong but then again, it's The Doc after all. So we really should not be surprised.

Dr Disrespect cleared the air and said "I spoke my mind in the heat of the moment", adding "everyone that is actually inside the Arena knows, I’m enjoying myself with Apex Legends. I’m having a good time".

dr disrespect on apex legends outburst
Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm (Picture: MLG)

Dr Disrespect claims that the game is actually more of a "breath of fresh air", referring to Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite being flagged by community members in the scene.

He also added that his previous outbursts are not because he doesn't like the games but rather that he enjoys them.

dr disrespect youtube apex legends backtracks outburst
Dr Disrespect backtracks on Apex Legends outburst (Picture: Twitter / Dr Disrespect)

"I'm not screaming, I don't like it", the Doc said, before adding: "If I’m there, not yelling about your game, not tweeting it out, then yeah... I don't much like that game".

An interesting thought process you have over there, Doc. Be sure to watch Dr Disrespect in action by subscribing to his YouTube channel, linked below.

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Header image via YouTube / Dr Disrespect.