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Apex Legends Season 9 Legend tier list - every character ranked from best to worst

Legacy is changing Apex Legends forever, with a brand new game mode, Legend, and weapons shaking up the meta. The battle royale mode is still king though, we take a look at the game's 17 characters and rank them from best to worst.
Apex Legends Season 9 Legend tier list - every character ranked from best to worst

Apex Legends Season 9 aka Legacy is upon us, Respawn Entertainment's battle royale has went from strength to strength and as of Season 9 it is no longer just a battle royale with a brand new Arenas game mode bringing competitive 3v3 action to the table.

For many though it will always be about jumping in, getting kitted out and fragging out and if that's the case then for you the battle royale will always reign supreme and if you want to compete with best then you need to know your Legends, who are the best and who are best left.

Apex Legends Season 9/Legacy Legends tier list

We have ranked all 17 Legends which includes the game's latest, Valkyrie, we have also taken into account the changes made to the various Legends including Octone, Loba, and Lifeline.

If you are more interested in the new Arenas game mode, then check out not only our explainer but also our weapons and Legends tier list for that mode.

Description of the tiers

We have opted for a standard five-tier system, S to D.

Apex Legends Season 9 legends tier list(Picture: Tiermaker)

  • S-Tier: A pick that you can’t go wrong with despite what your teammates select. 
  • A-Tier: Solid all-around choice that will benefit your team more than other Legends. 
  • B-Tier: Serviceable Legends that can have an impact on a match if used correctly. 
  • C-Tier: Choices that won’t have a large impact on whether your team wins a match or not. 
  • D-Tier: Should only be picked if you need to complete a challenge.

Keep in mind, this list is a mix of subjective opinion and simple observations from the gameplay in Season 9. Because a Legend is in C or D-Tier doesn’t mean you can make them work and doing so can actually be more rewarding than picking the best.

Apex Legends Season 9 Legends tier list

Legends Tier List Season 9 best legends(Picture: Tiermaker)


  • Wraith: The one constant in Apex Legends is that Wraith is an S-Tier Legend. No matter what Respawn Entertainment does to Wraith’s stats or abilities, she will likely always remain at the top of most players’ rankings. It’s hard to beat her abilities, as she can vanish in an instant and provides a huge boost to a team’s movement with her ultimate.
  • Lifeline: A series of buffs to Lifeline's abilities have taken her from the A to S-Tier. Her healing was always second-to-none in Apex Legends and it is now even more so. In a team of three, she is now a must-pick.
  • Horizon: Horizon's place in the meta has continually evolved as players discover ever more inventive ways to use her Gravity Lift. She may have receivedd some slight nerfs in Season 9, but her abilities are so unique she retains her place in our S-Tier -- for now.


Octane LegendOctane is significantly more powerful than he was last season. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

  • Bloodhound: Since the middle seasons of Apex Legends, Bloodhound has moved their way up the rankings. Respawn buffed their abilities to give the tracker more chances to see enemies in recent seasons, which was enough to move them into S-Tier. Having a Bloodhound on your team is an invaluable tool. 
  • Wattson: A defensive nightmare for enemy teams, Wattson can lock down buildings or small areas by herself. She was buffed in Season 7 but her abilities are still situational for the most part, meaning she is firmly in the A-Tier
  • Gibraltar: A constant A-Tier Legend, Gibraltar is the best tank in the game. His Gun and Dome shield are a deadly combination that pair superbly with his ultimate, which was buffed in recent seasons. Also, he takes 15% less damage when shot thanks to his size, which is a tremendous benefit.
  • Octane: Season 9 sees Octane change massively and while it is definitely a buff, exactly how he will play out now has yet to be seen. His stims can now be used almost instantly, allowing him to move 30% faster at a greater cost to his health than before. Those that master him will find him extremely powerful.
  • Valkyrie: The game's newest Legend and one which we aren't entirely sure about yet. Her offensive ability, Missle Swarm, is a little lacklustre though her ultimate, Skyward Dive, could be a vital tool to help teams get across the map.


Apex Legends LobaLoba has a unique set of skills but others fulfil her role better. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

  • Bangalore: The definition of an average legend, Bangalore’s ultimate is still holding her back. Her smoke grenades are extremely useful as a tactical but they’re really the only good part of her make-up, a slight buff in Season 9 doesn't move her up a tier.
  • Pathfinder: Once one of the game's most powerful Legends, Pathfinder is now dropping down the rankings. A nerf to his grapple for Season 7 was a game-changer and he drops down another tier for Season 9 due to the strength of other Legends.
  • Mirage: The clone Legend just can’t make his way past B-Tier for most players. Mirage doesn’t possess game-changing abilities but Respawn has certainly buffed him enough to warrant his spot in this tier.
  • Loba: Loba is more meant for the individual player more so than team composition. While her Black Market ultimate is helpful for teammates, it’s not strong enough to consider her for an upper tier.
  • Caustic: The toxic scientist of Apex Legends, Caustic can certainly be an A-Tier Legend if used correctly. However, many players that pick him don’t use his abilities to their fullest potential and instead hinder their teammates instead of the enemies.


aPEX lEGENDS LEGACY TIER LIST BEST LEGENDSRevenant looks more deadly than he actually is. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

  • Revenant: This killer Legend simply doesn’t possess abilities that warrant you picking him in Apex Legends. Death Totem is an average ultimate that can become useless against enemies who understand how to counter it.
  • Crypto: The only reason Crypto is placed in C-Tier is because his Surveillance Drone takes you completely out of the game. If you’re playing with a full squad and communicating, then this hacking Legend isn’t a bad pick. However, that’s not the case for a majority of players.


Apex Legends Season 9 Legends Tier ListFuse has failed to live up to his explosive promise. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

  • Fuse: This Aussie explosive expert had a lot of promise when he first landed in Apex Legends, a kit that was entirely focused on destruction promised much, but he has ultimately failed to live up to these expectations.
  • Rampart: This Legends abilities are beyond situational and can actually be a hazard, loud and proud, Rampart will always let others know she is around -- often to her, and her team's, detriment.

Hopefully, this ranking of Apex Legends' characters will help you become a legend yourself.


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