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Lululuvely considers quitting Apex Legends for good due to game's toxic community

The streamer was constantly harassed while playing with TSM's ImperialHal and North's Taisheen this past 31st August.
Lululuvely considers quitting Apex Legends for good due to game's toxic community

As one of the most recognisable faces of the Apex Legends community, Lululuvely always strives to deliver quality gameplay on her Twitch stream and YouTube channel, boasting over 800,000 followers on both platforms combined.

lulu apex

(Photo: @Lululuvely/Respawn)

Everyone can have an off-day, especially while playing an FPS, something that seemed to be the case with Lulu during her 31st August stream, when she was playing alongside professional Apex players ImperialHal from TSM and North's Taisheen.

With the stacked trio unable to rack up top finishes constantly, fans from outside Lulu's stream pointed the finger at her, as she is a few ranks below them in Season 6 of Apex Legends so far.

This slight underperformance prompted a barrage of hateful messages, harassment, and general trolling in her Twitch chat, saying how the Queen of Apex was "not good enough" despite proving multiple times the NRG member can hang with the best in Respawn's battle royale.

The streamer would call them out, asking for them to simply "behave," asking those harassing her "how hard is it?

Later, Lulu would mention how mentally draining it is having to deal with all the hate being thrown her way while in a group with friends, opting to do solos exclusively from now on, and eventually going on Twitter claiming how she's close to moving away from Apex Legends again, as she took a break to try out Riot's Valorant when the tactical shooter released.

"Apex community really making me about to quit the game again. It's just sad," she tweeted out, a sentiment Imperial shared on social media as well, expressing that "everything seems to be falling apart" in the Apex community.

Sadly, it seems Respawn not only has to deal with technical issues like broken sound design and server disconnects ruining the experience, but toxicity is now more rampant than ever.