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Myth gets bombarded with racial slurs in Apex Legends after making lobby public

The TSM icon was shocked to find out that EA's Battle Royale, Apex Legends, makes lobbies public by default.
Myth gets bombarded with racial slurs in Apex Legends after making lobby public

Another day, another instance in which a streamer gets harassed by strangers online. This time, it was Ali "Myth" Kabbani who was in the receiving end of racial slurs, handling as calm as you would expect from the former Fortnite pro.

During his 3rd August stream, the TSM member decided to boot up Apex Legends to try and get back in the groove after grinding Valorant as anticipation is building towards the release of Season 6.

myth n-word                                                               

As Myth backed out to the waiting lobby following a first-place finish with another duo, the streamer found two more random strangers already filling the open spots in his squad, with one immediately spamming racial slurs in voice chat.

An automated voice was heard saying "n**gers" over and over, prompting a frantic Myth to look for a way to back out of the game. "Hey! Who the f*ck are these... (people)?! Close the game!" the 21-year-old shouted as he resorted to doing just that.

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"Where did all those people come from?" Myth asked, confused about the entire ordeal, pondering how strangers managed to fill his lobby. Well, as it turns out, Apex Legends default settings have lobbies set to public, instead of private.

The streamer kept asking "how did they get into my lobby?" and was finally enlightened by a person in his Twitch chat. "Make it private... It's not private by default!? Apex, clean it up, unacceptable," Myth added as he proceeded to avoid having more racists flooding his matches.

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