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Warzone Season 5 patch notes: 2 new Perks, 4 new weapons, 50v50 Clashes, more

Here is everything you need about the new features and additions expected in Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone.
Warzone Season 5 patch notes: 2 new Perks, 4 new weapons, 50v50 Clashes, more

A new cycle is about to begin in Verdansk, as Activision has released their usual roadmap for Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone. The new season will feature the return of a fan-favourite mode, the addition of mysterious points of interest by Perseus, and the introduction of new perks, Operators, and most importantly, powerful weapons.

As always, this update will be also accompanied by a new battle to be fully revealed later on, as well as gameplay updates for some of the systems inside its gameplay, and more surprises to be revealed as the season unfolds.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of the notes for Season 5 of Warzone.

Warzone Season 5 - New Perks

Warzone’s Season 5 will kick off with the addition of two new exclusive Perks that will shake up the meta, each with their own benefits that could definitely change how you choose your loadouts, and how the battle runs in Verdansk.

Combat Scout

With this Perk, players will receive a burst of in-field intel, inflicting damage on an opponent will briefly highlight the foe and automatically ping them, bringing a lot of impact behind your decisions in-game whether you are playing on your own, or with squadmates.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 perks
(Picture: Activision / Raven Software)


This will fundamentally change armour values within Warzone, as whenever a player is under the effects of Tempered, their Armour Plates will be heavier and more reinforced, with only two of them needed for a player to be considered “fully armoured” compared to the standard three.

Tempered allows each Armour Plate to absorb 75 points of damage instead of the standard 50. However, this unique change also comes at the sacrifice of the Perk 2 slot, so you will have to choose your perk setup wisely before bulking up with those reinforced plates.

Warzone Season 5 - New POI and unstable Red Doors

To help Stitch and Perseus bring about a new world order, this network of clandestine entities will deploy the new Mobile Broadcast Stations, helping boost the numbers signal all around Verdansk.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 POI
(Picture: Activision / Raven Software)

These mobile stations can be placed in a variety of locations in Verdansk, differing from match-to-match to keep one area from being signal boosted by the rewards they offer. Some of these will even come with secrets behind their broadcasts, so stay tuned to these.

The arrival of these stations will be on the radar of NATO, who, aware of these recent Perseus efforts, has decided to [[REDACTED]]. Operators should look for [[REDACTED]] when it arrives on [[REDACTED]] within Verdansk, as a highly important [[REDACTED]].

Besides, whatever broadcast Perseus set up is causing the Red Doors to become more volatile than ever before, as Operators are now reporting [[REDACTED]] in their post-mission briefings.

Warzone Season 5 - New Operators

The presence of the Mobile Broadcast Stations will bring to light the appearance of Double Agents, running rampant in Black Ops Cold War while Mobile Broadcast Stations are popping up all over Verdansk in Warzone.

Fortunately, three new Operators will be ready to act as your reinforcements for whatever comes next.

Kitsune: Warsaw Pact

This Japanese self-taught cybersecurity expert and world-class thief is ready to make her presence known as a key Perseus operative in Season Five.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Operator Kitsune
(Picture: Activision / Raven Software)

Born in Kobe, Kitsune left her family’s organized crime past behind to join Perseus, aligning her values with those set by the new world order they are trying to install. Cautious, thorough, and effective, Kitsune relishes any chance she has to use her enemy’s tools against them.

You can get access to Kitsune at Tier 0 in the Season 5 Battle Pass and unlock an additional Ultra-rarity Operator Skin at Tier 100. Also, a second, exclusive skin can also be instantly unlocked with the purchase of the Battle Pass Bundle during the first two weeks of the season.

Stryker: NATO

Accompanying Woods in response to the distress signal from the besieged NATO listening station, is Stryker – an ultimate one-man army, who represents the cutting edge of US Special Forces response teams.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Operator Stryker
(Picture: Activision / Raven Software)

A soldier whose dedication to excellence borders on obsession, Stryker is the product of a 1980s Future Warfare program designed to combat test the synthesis of advanced technology and military expertise. Stryker offers a glimpse of the battlefield of tomorrow.

Hudson: NATO

Later in the season, Adler’s old colleague and Weaver’s former CIA interrogation partner will arrive to help NATO across Multiplayer and Zombies.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Operator Hudson
(Picture: Activision / Raven Software)

After having Adler and Woods handle the dirty work against Perseus, Special Agent Jason Hudson is set to take the fight into his own hands as he leaves D.C. to finish the fight in Verdansk, Teufelsberg, and even parts unknown within the Dark Aether.

Both Stryker and Hudson will be added into Warzone as part of upcoming Season 5 Store Bundle offerings.

Warzone Season 5 - New Gulag

At the start of the season, the Gulag will debut an updated format as it converts into the classic Black Ops II map, Rush. Specifically comprising the main speedball arena, this new set for Gulag should feel right at home for paintball fiends who know how to dart from cover to cover toward their enemy.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Gulag
(Picture: Activision / Raven Software)

For those who want to practice before its arrival, you can take a look and try it on your own through Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer.

Warzone Season 5 - 50v50 Clash mode

One of the favourites of many will be back into Warzone, as the spiritual successor to Warzone’s Rumble will debut in this new Season with the Clash mode.

Featuring select areas around Verdansk, Clash pits quads against each other in an unlimited respawn deathmatch to 200 points. Starting Loadouts will be enabled, meaning you can level up your weapons and finish those camo challenges as you work to defeat the opposing platoon.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 50v50 Clash mode
(Picture: Activision / Raven Software)

Each time you eliminate an enemy, your team will be granted one point, but you may want to keep your ears open for Contracts and public events that can spawn in at any time during games, similar to traditional Battle Royale matches

Clash will also feature plenty of improvements from the standard Warzone modes, including the Ping system, Armor Plate drops, Cash and Buy Stations, and vehicles. Plus, all damage profiles for weapons directly reflect how they will operate in other Warzone modes, making it easy to test out your new favourite Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare mashup loadouts in a respawn-enabled environment.

Warzone Season 5 - New Weapons

Season 5 will come out blasting with two powerful, high-calibre weapons within the Battle Pass. And the hits will keep on coming with a notorious pistol-shotgun hybrid secondary and a new melee weapon to be released during the season.


Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 EM2
(Picture: Activision / Raven Software)

A full-auto assault British rifle with good firing control, featuring a built-in low-zoom optic that improves accuracy, with a slower fire rate but reliable range.


Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 TEC-9
(Picture: Activision / Raven Software)

A semi-auto submachine gun with improved accuracy from longer ranges with low recoil and slower fire rate. This SMG is packed with good damage output in moderate range.


Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Cane
(Picture: Activision / Raven Software)

Give your enemies a proper sorting with a quick swing from the Cane, a bludgeoning tool that is classy as it is deadly, which can knock enemies unconscious after a crack upside the bonce.


Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Marshal
(Picture: Activision / Raven Software)

Last but not least, this break-action pistol can be hand loaded, having a double-barrel pistol that fires 12-gauge shells. Excellent damage at close range with a 1-shot kill potential.

The Marshal is the predecessor to a similarly devastating pistol seen in Black Ops III, being the most powerful loadout pistol Cold War and Warzone, able to clear rooms with ease despite limited attachments.

Warzone Season 5 - Gameplay updates

To kick off this new season, the map playlist will be updated adding Rebirth Island in its Trios Mini Royale mode, while removing the Payload mode featured during Season 4. Resurgence mode for Rebirth Island and Blood Money for Verdansk will be kept for the time being.

In addition, these other features have been announced as well:

  • High-resolution textures can now be delivered through On-Demand Texture Streaming for its console version.
  • Sadly for PC players, Warzone will stop working on Windows 7 devices from 8th September.
  • Loot that spawns across Verdansk has been adjusted, adding new Gulag and in-game lobby loadouts.
  • The Sentry Gun Killstreak can now be found in Supply Boxes.
  • Players may now detach from an ascender before reaching their destination
  • The Cold-Blooded perk will now be undetectable by AI targeting systems and thermal optics, won't trigger High Alert warning and negates Combat Scout.
  • A new Armor Box icon has been added to better differentiate between Ammo Box and Armor Box
  • There is a new option available to toggle Steady Aim Behavior instead of a hold for Controller and KBM.

The Season 5 update for Warzone will be available this 12th August, 2021.

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