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Apex Legends Season 15 - Release Data And What To Expect

Only a handful of weeks after Apex Legends Season 14 debuted, leaks pointing toward Season 15 have surfaced. Find out more below.
Apex Legends Season 15 - Release Data And What To Expect

Apex Legends Season 14 brought a lot to the table: a new Legend that’s the only sniper-reliant character in the game, various map changes, and multiple buffed and nerfed weapons. And with only a handful of weeks having passed since the season’s debut, leaks are already surfacing about the game’s upcoming season name and release date. 

On 8th September 2022, Tom Henderson, a well-respected game insider who posts information about upcoming releases and games, Tweeted information about Apex Legend’s upcoming season. Not only did Henderson unveil the alleged release date for Season 15, but also the title. 

What Is Apex Legends Season 15 Name And Release Date?

apex legends season 15 leaks surfaced
Apex Legends Season 15 leaks have surfaced.

According to Henderson, Apex Legends Season 15 might be coming sooner than players think, with it arriving in less than two months. Season 15 will supposedly be released on 1st November 2022 and is titled “Eclipse.”

There hasn’t been any other information regarding Season 15: Eclipse, but players can speculate a few things. Like most seasons before it, Apex Legends Season 14 dived deeper into the mysteries of the Titanfall universe.

Alongside the debuting season, a new Legend called Vantage arrived in the game. Unlike previous Legends tying into the game’s classic characters like Bangalore and Newcastle, Lifeline and Octane, or Bloodhound and Fuse, Vantage was someone new to Apex Legends players. She was the only character from a fringe planet and the first sniper-reliant Legend.

Season 15 might dive deeper into Vantage’s story and introduce more characters relating to her and the Legends story in the game. Players might possibly even get a new character with unknown origins, or at least not a fairly known background like Vantage. 

Considering Season 15’s alleged cover name is Eclipse, players might receive a character coming from the moon or has a thematic involving the moon. 

apex legends season 15 eclipse
Apex Legends Season 15 is allegedly titled "Eclipse."

It’s not hard to believe some moons in the Titanfall universe might be habitable. Vantage basically lived on a barren ice world for her entire life and survived, so it’s a possibility.

But like all leaks, players should take this information with a grain of salt until Respawn Entertainment officially release information regarding Apex Legends Season 15.

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