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EA Bans Players Naming Themselves "Andrew Tate" In Apex Legends

According to one player, Apex Legends players are getting reported by Electronic Arts for using "Andrew Tate" as their usernames; find out why.
EA Bans Players Naming Themselves "Andrew Tate" In Apex Legends

It’s been one hell of a rollercoaster for Andrew Tate after rising in popularity across the internet for his controversial takes. Despite gaining virality, he’s been banned from Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter because of these opinionated remarks before YouTube and TikTok followed suit on 22nd August 2022.

It’s been some time since then, but to no avail has Andrew Tate been reinstated or had these prohibitions lifted. Now, news has surfaced that Electronic Arts (EA) is banning players naming themselves “Andrew Tate” in Apex Legends.

Is Andrew Tate Banned From Apex Legends Too?

It’s been around two weeks since Andrew Tate was completely taken off majorly-influencing social media platforms for his opinionated takes. These prohibitions were the cause of “personal attacks” by people picky-backing off the influencer’s virality and clipping two-hour podcasts to make ten-second clips destroying his public image, Tate said.

andrew tate banned social media platforms
Andrew Tate has been banned from almost every massively-influencing social media platform. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

On 3rd September 2022, an Apex Legends player tweeted their report from EA stating that using “Andrew Tate” as a username in their game is now bannable according to their Positive Play Charter.

The report said, “we received a report about your account or profile name. [...] This name breaks our Positive Play Charter because you may have used words or phrases that harm others or negatively disrupt the game."

Continuing the report, "[...] Even if the content was intended as a joke, it may still disrupt the game for others. While you created the name on another platform, players can see it while playing EA games, and that makes it subject to our rules of conduct.”

The player stated this report was one of many who’ve used “Andrew Tate” in their in-game names. They concluded that using the influencer’s name is indeed bannable according to EA rules of conduct now; and that “several people have been banned.” 

players reported using andrew tate username
Players are getting reported using "Andrew Tate" in their Apex Legends usernames. (Picture: Vimeo / Andrew Tate)

They stated that any other player reported because of the same issue would face a seven-day ban, while anyone with a history of prohibitions would be permanently banned.

EA hasn’t publicly addressed these prohibitions happening to players. The reports supposedly state either Andrew Tate (individual) goes against their Positive Play Charter, or his image in their game has grown rampant and is affecting Apex Legends players. 

It’s uncertain if these are any of the reasons for the recent bannings, but what’s sure is players can no longer use Andrew Tate in their usernames. But Andrew Tate hasn't been officially confirmed to be banned from Apex Legends.

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All featured images are courtesy of EA and Vimeo / Andrew Tate.