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Self Revive Will Be Removed From Apex Legends In Season 14

Here's the news surrounding the Self Revive being removed from Season 14 of Apex Legends.
Self Revive Will Be Removed From Apex Legends In Season 14

With Apex Legends Season 13 coming to an end, fans are now looking toward the horizon for the arrival of Season 14 and the new content coming along with it. But with new content added, others are removed, and it appears this will be the case with the Self-Revive. 

So let's take a look at exactly why the Self-Revive will be removed from Apex Legends in Season 14 among the other changes that we can expect in Season 14. 

Self Revive Will Be Removed From Apex Legends In Season 14

Respawn Entertainment is gearing up to make waves with Season 14 of Apex Legends which is set to launch on the 9th August 2022. This new season is set to bring in a new Legend, along with updates to the weapons, Legends, and Kings Canyon map changes

Self Revive Will Be Removed From Apex Legends In Season 14 Gold Knockdown Shield
The Self Revive will be removed from the Gold Knockdown Shield in Season 14. (Picture: YouTube / Big E Plays)

But interestingly, they have also revealed some news that they will be making changes to the Gold items, by completely removing the Self-Revive ability from the Gold Knockdown Shield. This will be in effect starting from Season 14 and the Knockdown Shield will instead take on the Gold Backpack’s Guardian Angel ability, which revives players with half health. 

Conversely, the Gold Backpack will now have the "Deep-Pockets'' ability, which lets the player stack more meds in their inventory. With the Gold Backpack equipped, you can now stack three Medkits, three Shield batteries as opposed to just three, and two Phoenix Kits in total. 

To some fans' satisfaction, this means that the Self-Revive will be completely removed from the game at the start of Apex Legends Season 14, as fans have been asking for its removal for some time. This will result in the game being a lot less confusing when it comes down to the endgame and final fights as players won't need to account for multiple Self Revives in one lobby. 

Self Revive Will Be Removed From Apex Legends In Season 14 See how meta changes
We will have to see how the meta responds to the removal of the Self Revive in Season 14. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

We are hopeful that the removal of Self Revives does have the intended effect that fans want in the new season and that it adds the necessary balance that has been missing in the previous season of Apex Legends. For now, though, all we can do is wait for Season 14 to drop and carefully watch the meta of the game as the new season progresses and more fans have a chance to give their input. 

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Featured image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.