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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Where to find all Treasures of Britain and unlock Excalibur

The mythical King Arthur sword is up for the taking in Ubisoft's open-world game. Here's how to get it.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Where to find all Treasures of Britain and unlock Excalibur

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is a game filled with secrets that players have been continuously discovering ever since it released this past 10th November. 

One of the biggest intrigues that fans have been trying to unveil is that of Excalibur's location, as King Arthur's weapon of choice demands a bit of grind from players to unlock it.

Where is Excalibur in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

excalibur assassin's creed valhalla
(Photo: Ubisoft)

To find the mythical sword, you need to head out to Myrdinn’s Cave, which is in Hamtunscire. The cave itself is near Stonehenge, here's where to locate it on the map.

excalibur stonehenge
(Photo: Ubisoft)

Before you go jumping through hoops and loops inside the maze, you'll need to make sure you collect 11 tablets, these are called the Treasures of Britain, and as you might've guessed, you'll run into them across England.

The way to get your hands on each tablet is different, some require you to explore caves or mines, while others demand you take on Zealot's to claim them. 

Zealots are almost boss-like enemies that represent the Order of the Ancients and roam around Valhalla's map looking for a challenge riding their horses and armed to the teeth, so bring your A-game when facing them.

There are 11 Tablets to get, so get your map out and go in search of them at these locations:

  • Essexe – Sancta Maria Abbey (Zealot)
  • Suthsexe – Crawley (Zealot
  • Cent – Tonbridge Monastery (Zealot)
  • Essexe – Old Cellar
  • Suthsexe – Santlacne Mine
  • Cent – Tonbridge Monastery (Zealot)
  • Cent – Cavern of Trials
  • East Anglia – Grimes Graves
  • Hamtunscire – Red Lichen Cavern
  • Hamtunscire – Wocig
  • Eurvicscire – Wiccan’s Cave
  • Snotinghamscire – Deoraby Spar Cavern

If you want an in-depth guide into getting to these locations, check out Arekkz Gaming's amazing playthrough.


Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Excalibur stats

Naturally, a weapon of Excalibur's stature deserves some of the best stats in the game, check them out below:

  • ATK: 122
  • Stun: 86
  • Weight: 18
  • Speed: 40
  • Crit: 67
  • Bonus: Heavy Finishers and Criticals blind all enemies around.
  • Rune slots: 2

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