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How Long To Beat Atomic Heart & Full Completion Time

Find out how long it will take to beat Atomic Heart and how much time you will need to spend to fully complete the game and all side activities.
How Long To Beat Atomic Heart & Full Completion Time

Developer Mundfish's alt-history shooter with some serious BioShock vibes, Atomic Heart, is being unleashed for consoles and PC on 21 February 2023. This exciting open-world FPS oozes quality, and many gamers across the globe can't wait to explore it. Not everyone, however, has an unlimited amount of time on their hands, so some are wondering how long it would take to beat Atomic Heart.

This article explains the playtime required to beat Atomic Heart's story and, for the completionists out there, how long it is estimated to take in order to fully complete the game, including all side quests and activities.

Atomic Heart Story Lenght: How Long To Beat?

Atomic Heart how long to beat fully complete playtime hours story lenght
Atomic Heart's story is filled with interesting characters, and robots! (Picture: Mundfish)

In Atomic Heart's story, players will jump into the boots of an elite soldier called P-3 and explore the mysterious, intriguing, and maddening world controlled by Russian robots. You will be accompanied by an AI-powered glove called CHAR-les to use a wide variety of powers and overcome the challenges of this alt-history setting.

That sounds great, honestly, but how long will it take to beat the game's story if you focus on the main tasks? Well, the game's director, Robert Bagratuni, has revealed the time to complete Atomic Heart's story in an interview with SegmentNext. In the interview, Robert Bagratuni explained:

To complete the main story campaign, players will need to spend approximately 20-25 hours. But since the world of Atomic Heart is quite huge and filled with various activities, the full completion will take much longer.

So 20 to 25 hours to beat Atomic Heart's story, but what about fully completing the game?

Playtime to Fully Complete Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart how long to beat fully complete playtime hours story lenght
Use powers and a dozen weapons to take down your enemies in Atomic Heart. (Picture: Mundfish)

While 20 to 25 hours is already a very good length to complete an FPS title's story, you will take much longer to complete Atomic Heart fully.

The developers noted in the interview mentioned in the previous section that Atomic Heart should have a full completion playtime of "about 35-40 hours."

Keep in mind the game allows you to find upgrades for weapons, explore the crazy world filled with detail, find collectibles, and complete various achievements on PC and console. It also depends on a player's skill and the difficulty level chosen, so playtime may vary significantly. The biggest takeaway is that it is not a small game by any stretch of the imagination. Remember, Atomic Heart is also free with an Xbox Game Pass subscription!

In case you haven't seen Atomic Heart in action, check out the incredible, exciting overview trailer below.

So there you have it, an estimate on how long it will take to beat and fully complete Atomic Heart. Remember, differences in player skill could reduce or increase the time to beat this new alt-history shooter; it should be a whole lot of fun to play.