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Bandle Tale Trophy Guide: Achievements List & How To Complete

Progress their way from Yarnville to Bandle City by doing tasks and quests and unlocking the game's Achievements and rewards for Bandle Tale.
Bandle Tale Trophy Guide: Achievements List & How To Complete
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games / Riot Forge)

Developer Lazy Bear Games has included several unique features and mechanics that will enhance players' gaming experience once they've entered the world of Bandle City. From its crafting and foraging mechanics to the Inventory and storage systems, which aid players during their magical adventures of the surrounding islands, another core aspect enhances their in-game experiences: the Achievements system.

Akin to most RPGs across multiple sub-genres, the Achievements system for Bandle Tale is relatively straightforward as many can be completed during tasks, fulfilling activities, and during quests. We've provided players with the complete list of Achievements, including how to complete them and their rewards, that players can unlock for Bandle Tale.

All Achievements And How To Complete In Bandle Tale

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story features an Achievement system where players can unlock and claim rewards through various tasks and complete quest objectives. We know of 39 Achievements for players to unlock through gameplay progression; however, only 30 can be confirmed, along with their descriptions on how to unlock them.

As such, we'll list all the known Achievements for Bandle based on rarity type and the rewards they can earn, which currently amount to 1,000 XP. Please note that these game Achievements are the same across PC and Nintendo Switch despite the Switch technically not boasting an Achievement or Trophy system.

Achievement Name How To Complete Trophy / XP Reward
Meet Corki Talk to the Champion Corki for the first time Silver / 70 XP (each)
Meet Lulu Talk to the Champion Lulu for the first time
Meet Rumble Talk to the Champion Rumble for the first time
Meet Teemo Talk to the Champion Teemo for the first time
Meet Tristana Talk to the Champion Tristana for the first time
Meet Veigar Talk to the Champion Veigar for the first time
Back to School Held the first lecture at the Bandle University campus Bronze / 15 XP (each)
Bronze Knitter Collected 50 resources from objects
Caring Paws Plant their first seed
Delight the Eyes Have visited all lookout points at Bandle City
Dining Out Host their first food stand
Enchanting Sounds Hosted an open-air concert on Inspiration Isle
Expert Fisher Caught 50 items from the portal
First Thread Have knitted their first yarn
Home Sweet Home Upgrade their home for the first time
Kitchen Yordle Serve food to 20 guests
Learning to Lose Have held an Investors' Fair in Gadgeton
Life of the Party Throw their first festival
Look What I Caught! Tried portal fishing
May Friendship Blossom Have hosted a Harvest Festival in Greensprout Grove
Mobile Home Made their home portable
One Small Step for Yordles Have fully upgraded the Knit Leg
Party Foul Have failed to throw a festival
Recipe for Disaster Have failed to host a food stand successfully
Stars, Stars, And More Have sold their first item using the vending machine
Stars Twist Sold 50 items using the vending machine
Sweet Dreams Sleep for the first time
The Journey Begins Exit Gramp's house for the first time
Together at Last Have hosted the Awesome Yordle Fest
Where It's Nice and Cozy Completely upgraded their home

There are nine hidden Achievements that have yet to be revealed once they've become unlocked once players have achieved them. Additionally, details on the rewards players can receive upon completing these hidden Achievements have yet to be confirmed as of writing, and we will update this guide once these details become available.