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Bandle Tale Restoring The Backpack Quest And Walkthrough

After earning Stars, it's time to complete upgrading the backpack with a button from Frankle in the Restoring the Backpack quest for Bandle Tale.
Bandle Tale Restoring The Backpack Quest And Walkthrough
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

After learning how to run a successful Food Stand and inviting Yordles to enjoy some delicious meals, players will have earned Stars for their delectable efforts in feeding them. It's time to revisit the Knitter's Backpack as they can acquire a button to craft for the Restoring The Backpack quest.

This button will allow them to make their Backpack portable as they can bring their home anywhere along their journey in saving Bandle City. It's off to frankle to get a Backpack Button, which we've explained in this guide for the Restoring The Backpack quest in Bandle Tale.

Bandle Tale Restoring The Backpack Quest Objectives List

The Restoring The Backpack quest is one of two quests players receive from Gramps after speaking to him during the Return to Yarnville quest. Players will need a Backpack Button for their Knitter's Backpack; however, to acquire it, they'll need to gain more Stars, which was achieved by hosting a Food Stand during the Host a Food Stand quest.

bandle tale league of legends quests guide restoring the backpack quest objectives hos a food stand earn stars
After earning Stars for hosting a Food Stand, they can now spend them on a Backpack Button when visiting Frankle. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games / Riot Forge)

After hosting a successful stand, with every Yordle in attendance well-fed, they can proceed to upgrade the Backpack with a shiny new button. Let's look at the quest objectives to complete for players to acquire a Backpack Button:

  • Earn Stars to buy Backpack Button
  • Talk to Frankle
    • Buy Backpack Button from Frankle
  • Make Backpack portable using Outdoor Building
    • Remove Backpack using Outdoor Building
  • Talk to Corki
  • Talk to Gramps

How To Complete The Restoring The Backpack Quest In Bandle Tale?

After receiving the quest from Gramps, players will complete the Host a Food Stand quest to gain more Stars while receiving a few from him. With the Food Stand being a rousing success, they can now take their Stars and find Frankle, a Yordle vendor NPC found beside his kiosk at Knitter's Village in Yarnville.

They can access his shop, where they can purchase a Backpack Button for five Stars, and with the acquired button, they can return to their Backpack. If the Food Stand carpet is still rolled out, they can interact with the stand to roll it before interacting with the Backpack to attach the button and make it portable.

bandle tale league of legends quests guide restoring the backpack quest objectives talk to frankle buy backpack button
Acquire the Backpack Button from Frankle before attaching it to their Knitter's Backpack. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

Players can have a quick chat with Corki not far from where the Backpack was as he encourages players to speak with Gramps once again. They can find Gramps at his home, where he discusses how they can get a Portal Yarn, which involves throwing a Festival, earning a Unity Spindle and Party Yarn, and how to utilize them during a Festival.

Upon the quest's completion, they receive two new quests and a Festival carpet to attach to their Backpack once it's placed again. Additionally, they'll earn three Skill Points and 20 Badge XP to progress the Knitting Pupil Badge further as they set off on their next adventure.