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Bandle Tale: How To Fix The Unity Spindle

After learning how to host a Food Stand, players will learn about the Festival preparations involving a Unity Spindle that needs fixing in Bandle Tale.
Bandle Tale: How To Fix The Unity Spindle
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

As players have successfully acquired a Backpack Button, which is placed onto their Knitter's Backpack, they can finally roll it up and take it wherever they go. Their next main mission is to find a way of repairing the portals, which requires a Portal Yarn, and it starts after speaking with Gramps at the end of the Restoring the Backpack quest.

After explaining how to repair the portals, Gramps mentions the Unity Spindle, which is also connected to helping them fix this system. So, how they can repair the Unity Spindle is what is detailed in this helpful guide for Bandle Tale.

How To Repair The Unity Spindle In Bandle Tale?

During the conclusion of the Restoring the Backpack quest, Gramps will mention the Unity Spindle, which is essential in getting the portal system online. The Unity Spindle can be found on every island throughout Bandle City, as this device will help boost the success rate of a Festival.

Once repaired, the Unity Spindle will help boost the vibes at a Festival when a Yordle interacts with it for them to generate excitement and produce a Party Yarn. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge)

The first one they can find is across the Soggy Grotto entrance over the bridge; however, they need to repair it before it can be used in Festivals hosted at Yarnville. This will apply to every other Unity Spindle they'll find in the open world, which, after repairing the spindle, it will be used to increase the "Chill Vibes" at the Festival.

To fix the Unity Spindle, they can interact with the broken down spindle and use the required materials available; they can repair it using one Wood and two Threads. Remember they must place down their Knitter's Backpack at the available location as they'll need it to attach the Festival carpet and start setting up the Festival space.

This will include the Unity Spindle, a Flag Stand, a Phonograph, and a Drinks Table, which must be crafted once they've unlocked the corresponding Skills from the Skill Tree. Each Festival will have unique requirements for which the only thing left is to host a Festival, have guests generate excitement to fill a meter to produce a Party Yarn, and boost the Unity Spindle to increase the "Chill Vibes."

Along with the Party Yarn, which the Yordle hero held during the Dream Come True quest, each time they host a Festival, Yordles will feed the yarn with unity. This yarn must be tied to the location of the Festival, and if the Festival is a success, it will become a Portal Yarn before it's used to power the portals.