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Bandle Tale First Festival Quest And Walkthrough

With the Knitter's Backpack restored, it's time to start planning their First Festival by inviting some guests in this quest for Bandle Tale.
Bandle Tale First Festival Quest And Walkthrough
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

After learning how to craft and gather materials while hosting a Food Stand, players can resume restoring the Knitetr's backpack that Ozzy had gifted to players. With the Backpack Button acquired from Frankle and their backpack portable, they can seek advice from Gramps on fixing the portals, which they'll need to throw a Festival, and can receive the First Festival quest from him.

Planning a festival won't be as easy as hosting a Food Stand as they'll need to make some preparations ahead of time, including inviting some guests. This guide will help players begin their Festival preparations, which we've detailed below before the party can begin in Bandle Tale.

Bandle Tale First Festival Quest Objectives List

The First Festival quest is one of two quests received from Gramps after completing the Restoring the Backpack quest. This quest will guide players toward setting up and running their first Festival, but some preparations are needed before going full steam into planning it.

bandle tale league of legends quests guide first festival quest objectives go to clover's house world
Players can find Clover's House on the western side of Yarnville in Knitter's Village, where they can consult the World Map for more information. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

As such, there are a few things to take care of before they can start planning and preparing to throw their first Festival, including inviting some guests. We've listed the objectives below, which players are to complete for this joyous quest in-game:

  • Talk to Corki
  • Talk to Winstock
  • Talk to Frankle
  • Talk to Rosalind
  • Go to Clover's House
    • Collect Firefly Bulb from Clover's Chest
    • Bring Firefly Bulb (0/2) to Rosalind

How To Complete The First Festival Quest In Bandle Tale?

As mentioned before, players will receive this quest from Gramps towards the end of the Restoring the Backpack quest, which they are to plan for their first Festival. They'll need to speak to a couple of Yordles to invite them to their Festival, and speaking with Rosalind will give them an objective to get Firefly Bulbs from Clover's House.

When speaking to Frankle, he reveals a new product he wishes to sell, but he needs Crystals and Stones to trade with Winstock and Gramps, which they can hand over. They can continue speaking to Winstock and Croki to invite them to their gathering before finding Clover's House located west of Yarnville in Knitter's Village, near The Yarnlets Bridge.

bandle tale league of legends quests guide first festival quest objectives bring firefly bulbs rosalind
After finding Firefly Bulbs inside a chest at Clover's House, they can return to Rosalind and hand them over to complete the quest. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

Head inside Clover's House, where they must search her home for Firefly Bulbs, which are contained inside a chest and can loot it. Return to Rosalind, who can be found inside her home at Rosalind's Garden, or stroll near Winstock's Kitchen to hand her the bulbs.

After she thanks players and wishes them luck in finding Clover and other Yordles that went missing during Ozzy's party, this completes the First Festival quest. Upon its completion, they'll receive three Skill Points, 50 Badge XP towards the Knitting Pupil Badge, and new Festival cards, Knitters, and Corki.