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Where To Get & Use Firefly Chow And Bulbs In Bandle Tale

Lighten the islands of Bandle City and their Ovens by grabbing Fireflies to make Firefly Bulbs and Chows and cook up a storm in Bandle Tale.
Where To Get & Use Firefly Chow And Bulbs In Bandle Tale
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

Players have acquired new Skills to repair the portal system, throw Food Stands and Festivals, and make food and craft items to help them along their adventures. As they dream and save their Emotion Orbs to gain Skill Points to unlock these Skills, a few Skills will come in handy to craft Firefly Bulbs and Chow.

But before they can craft these valuable items, they will first need to catch Fireflies, but they can get Firefly Bulbs during a specific quest in-game. If they need a heat source, they'll need to catch some Fireflies to make Firefly Bulbs and Chow, as detailed in this guide for Bandle Tale.

How To Get And Use Firefly Bulbs In Bandle Tale?

Firefly Bulbs are a valuable resource that players need, especially as it will help them when cooking and baking ingredients. This specific item is utilized as a heat source as it can be placed inside the Heat Conductor Workbench once they acquire the necessary Skills to craft it.

bandle tale league of legends crafting guide firefly bulbs chow how to craft make skill tree
Players can get the Firefly Hunting and Raising Skills from the Skill Tree before being able to catch Fireflies. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

Players are to obtain the Firefly Hunting Skill, which allows them to obtain the Firefly Trap blueprint needed to craft the item. This trap will enable them to catch Fireflies, which can be placed in specific locations across Bandle City, where these bugs can be used for crafting purposes and other uses.

To make the Firefly Trap, they must have one Leaf, one Thread, and one Upcycled Junk to craft one trap, and they can use to catch Fireflies. Players can craft Firefly Bulbs early in-game by using the Fireflies caught and bringing them to the Basic Workbench and, later on, the Bug Hatch Workbench.

However, another way to get Firefly Bulbs during the First Festival quest is by heading to Clover's House and searching a chest to find them. Once crafted using one Firefly, these bulbs can be used to make Firefly Chow or placed inside the Heat Conductor Workbench, which will heat the Chef's Oven, and they can start cooking and baking dishes.

How To Get And Use Firefly Chow In Bandle Tale?

Firefly Chow is a by-product of Firefly Bulbs, which can be used in various ways, but making them is as straightforward as making Firefly Bulbs. As mentioned before, they can get Firefly Bulbs from Clover's House inside a chest, but they will need to acquire more bulbs to make Firefly Chow; there's one additional step required.

They'll need to get the Firefly Raising Skill from the Skill Tree, which can be unlocked under the Nature Skill Tree tab. This allows them to acquire the recipe for Firefly Chow, which can be made at the Basic Workbench and later at the Assembly Bench, and they can use four Beets to craft some Firefly Chow.