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Bandle Tale: Can You Create Your Own Character (Yordle)

As character creation and customization have been prominent features in most RPGs, can players create their unique Yordle in Bandle Tale?
Bandle Tale: Can You Create Your Own Character (Yordle)
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games / Riot Forge)

Character creation and customization have been a common and important feature in RPGs, with some games having a more robust system, allowing players to mold their in-game character's appearance to their liking. These include changing their clothes, skin, hair, and eye colors, selecting a unique hairstyle, and choosing their preferred gender for their created character, or could it be a Yordle? 

As Bandle Tale is an RPG spin-off game within the League of Legends universe, the question of whether it has a character creation feature has been discussed amongst interested players. So, if players want to know whether a character creation feature is included in Bandle Tale, continue reading this guide to learn more.

Is There A Character Creation Mode In Bandle Tale?

As the character creation and customization features are standard practice across multiple RPGs, players should be delighted to learn that Bandle Tale has a character creation feature added to the game. While it could be more robust than the most widely popular games, they can create their unique Yordle using the limited options available.

bandle tale character guide creation customization mode menu options
Players can create their unique Yordle using the presets available from its menu before starting their in-game adventures. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games / Riot Forge)

Before starting their adventures from Gramps' home in Yarnville, players can create their unique Yordle using the various customization options present. These options include hairstyles, ear shape, eye, fur, and hair colors, changing the color of their scarf and shirt, enabling a Trail effect, and most importantly, entering their Yordle's name and choosing their pronouns, which is a great touch.

Once they've made their selections and preferences, they can apply these changes before starting with the game's main questline and learning about the gameplay mechanics, including the Skill Tree and crafting. As for whether players can change their appearance, we can confirm this is possible by interacting with a specific piece of furniture; however, specifics are unclear.

Players will have access to the same options as before and change their Yordle's appearance, alter their name and pronouns, or switch out the colors of their clothing pieces. It's still being determined if there will be more options as the game progresses or if these are the current options available to players, and as such, we'll update this guide once more information becomes readily available.