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What is the Bandle Tale file size on Nintendo Switch?

We've shared the file size for Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story on the Nintendo Switch and how to free up space ahead of its launch.
What is the Bandle Tale file size on Nintendo Switch?
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games / Riot Forge)

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story has attracted players for its cozy aesthetics, stellar pixel graphics, and RPG elements primarily focused on exploration and crafting. The game has been confirmed to be releasing on PC via Epic Games Store, GOG.com, and Steam; it will also be bringing its cozy vibes to consoles as it will be available to buy for Nintendo Switch.

With these platforms confirmed for the game at release, players are expected to ensure enough storage space to install the game, but just how big will the file size be? We've answered these important questions and concerns as we've discussed the file size for Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story's base game and DLCs and provided some recommendations to free up storage space ahead of its global launch.

How Big Is The File Size For Bandle Tale On Nintendo Switch?

Yes, for those who are unaware, Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story will be arriving on Nintendo Switch consoles on 21st February 2024. Switch owners can enjoy the wonderful and magical world of Bandle City as the game will support Handheld, Tabletop, and TV modes at the game's launch, with Switch Pro Controllers also being supported.

bandle tale a league of legends switch guide download file size
Collect resources and host fabulous parties in Bandle City as Bandle Tale is heading to Nintendo Switch. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games / Riot Forge)

During their explorations and adventures in this whimsical location and its surrounding locales, players will encounter unique creatures and forage resources for crafting and activating portals throughout the five islands. Luckily, we've detailed the game's PC requirements, which don't demand too much from their PC setups, and similarly, the game won't take up much space on their Switch consoles as the download file is currently listed at 1.08GB.

Please remember that this file size is for the base game, as the two DLCs included in the Deluxe Edition, the Bigger-On-The-Inside, and Scout Recon packs, will push its file size well above its base game file size. It's advised that they can utilize various methods to free up storage space in order to download the game to their Switch consoles.

This includes uninstalling or deleting "unnecessary software," including unplayed games, or having a microSD card inserted into the console before downloading the game to the microSD card. There are Nintendo Switch Online features available for Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story, which includes Save Data Cloud capabilities, which are exclusive to supported software.

This feature allows players to "securely and automatically back up" all game save data, which can be accessed should players transfer data to a new Switch or lose the console. As such, they are required to have a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership to gain access to the Save Data Cloud feature or have their game save files stored to the onboard storage or the microSD card.