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Bandle Tale: How To Host A Food Stand

Become the hostess with the mostest as we've explained how players can successfully host a Food Stand from their Backpack in Bandle Tale.
Bandle Tale: How To Host A Food Stand
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge)

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends has a few fun ways for players to enjoy themselves when they have time away from their world-saving duties. These include throwing parties comprising a Festival and hosting a Food Stand, which will be introduced to players in the game's first few hours.

Hosting a Food Stand will require much time and preparation, including setting up the stand, having the right equipment, and, most importantly, preparing dishes in a timely manner. In this festive guide, we explained how players can run a successful Food Stand, providing details on how to get started, the equipment required, and the mechanics involved in Bandle Tale.

How To Run A Food Stand In Bandle Tale?

Players will begin to learn about the Food Stand from Corki at the start of the Return to Yarnville quest. As the quest progresses, they'll gain valuable information from various NPCs and acquire new Skills that will help them host Food Stands throughout the game.

bandle tale league of legends story mechanics guide food stands hosting food stand backpack
Players must attach the Food Stand carpet to the exterior of their Knitter's Backpack before setting up the Workbenches. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

The first Food Stand they'll host occurs in the Host a Food Stand quest, where they'll need to make preparations beforehand, including attaching the Food Stand carpet and crafting Workbenches. They'll need a Chef's Oven, Heat Conductor, and a Chopping Table crafted and placed on the carpet along with Dev, which they receive from Winstock.

Once the carpet has been attached and rolled out and the Workbenches placed, they can access the Food Stand to select the available dishes they wish to serve to attending guests. It's important to note that each location has a "Chill Vibes" rating, which influences the number of dishes that can be served at a Food Stand and a Festival, as the higher the "Chill Vibes," the greater the variety of dishes that can be served.

Similarly, serving more dish varieties at a Food Stand increases the Reward Multiplier and their "Chill Vibes" rating. Once they select the dishes to serve at the Food Stand, they can view the requirements needed to start their Food Stand, including orders received, the number of dishes served, and if they have the recommended Workbenches.

They will need to get the ingredients required to prepare the dishes served at the Food Stand, which can be grown in seed beds, bought from vendors, or gathered from various sources in the open world. They can view the success rate of the Food Stand by interacting with the Food Stand, where at the bottom of the pop-up window, they can check if they've met the requirements needed to run the Food Stand.

bandle tale league of legends story mechanics guide food stands island scores friendship mood satisfaction
Hosting successful Food Stands allows players to "refill" the island scores based on how many Yordles were fed and satisfied. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

Likewise, they will need to meet specific targets or the island scores, which determine the success rate of their Food Stand, which refills the Friendship, Mood, and Satisfaction meters each time Yordles are fed during a Food Stand as well as at a Festival. With the Workbenches crafted and placed and food prepared and placed on the Food Stand Dining Table, it's time to open the stand for Yordles to attend.

Players must ensure they have prepared enough dishes for the number of Yordles attending the Food Stand, as they will request one of the dishes available to be cooked for them. Remember that they will be timed on how long it takes for the dish to be served, which is the requested dish that can be seen above the heads, or they'll leave.

To manage their time efficiently, they can swap dishes before placing them into the Oven, and they can view the number of orders completed and failed, as failed orders can be fed to Dev, and completed orders can be given to the Yordle waiting at the table. The island's score will be filled, and they'll receive Stars once all their orders have been completed and their guests fed at the Food Stand.