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Bandle Tale: How To Save Game Progress

Saving game progress digitally stores away their data through the Cloud or external means, so how can players achieve this in Bandle Tale?
Bandle Tale: How To Save Game Progress
(PIcture: Lazy Bear Games / Riot Forge)

Life can be filled with surprises, which can be echoed in video games, whether it be unique dialogue, character interactions, and, of course, Easter Eggs. While those are more positive surprises players may encounter in-game, what about the bad ones, like corrupted save files or drive failure that result in players losing their game data, so how can it be prevented in Bandle Tale?

Well, most game launchers have a unique feature added to most games available to save game files directly to the Cloud should a crisis occur, but what about manual saves? This guide details this exact question that players may have been wondering, and luckily, we have provided much information and answers before setting off for Bandle City in Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story.

How To Save Game Progress In Bandle Tale?

Firstly, Cloud Saves are enabled for Bandle Tale across the game launchers it's available for on PC, including Epic Games Store, GOG.com, and Steam, which is clearly labelled on the game's listing. Players can turn this feature on or off; regarding the latter, we advise to proceed with caution by navigating to the launcher's Settings and locating it below a dedicated Cloud tab or related tabs like Preferences or Game Features.

This setting is enabled by default, but they can view it to ensure it's enabled or, if they wish, turn off this setting. Also worth noting is that the Cloud save feature is also enabled for the Nintendo Switch; however, this is included in the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, but players can use the console's onboard storage or a micro SD card.

The game itself has an Autosave feature that automatically saves it periodically or at specific points in the background, eliminating the need for players to do it manually. Each game has a unique interpretation or system that resembles an Autosave feature but functions similarly by saving their progress in the background or at a savepoint.

But on top of the Cloud Saves and Autosave features that are enabled for Bandle Tale, the game has a manual save option that players can utilize to save their game progress anytime in-game by saving in a new slot or overriding a previous save slot. So, in conclusion, Bandle Tale has various save options for players to utilize on both PC and Nintendo Switch to ensure their files are safely stored and secure, whether it's through the Cloud, external, or internal storage systems.