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Battlefield 2042: Best controller settings

If you are looking for the best settings to play Battlefield 2042 with a controller, then you are in the right place.
Battlefield 2042’s open beta is now available for EA Play users and for those who pre-ordered the game, who have been able to experiment with much of what this new instalment has to offer.

Thanks to its launch on different platforms, both casual and competitive players have the ability to play in different ways, whether they prefer to use a keyboard and mouse, or are more comfortable playing with a controller.

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042 beta brings the first look into EA's next big launch. (Picture: DICE / Electronic Arts)

Whatever your preference, it’s important to choose the best control settings if you want to come out on top in battle.

So, in this guide, we will teach you some of the best controls to customize your settings, whether you play on Xbox or PlayStation.

Best controller settings for Battlefield 2042

Since both controllers for any of the consoles have many features and differences to cover, this section will be divided into two parts, first looking at their button layouts, and next breaking down the best sensitivity and movement settings.

Much of these will be very familiar if you are a regular FPS player.

Xbox controller layout

Move: Left Stick

Zoom: LT

Sprint: Left Stick (Click)

Fire: RT

Look: Right Stick

Switch Primary/Secondary Weapon: Y

Melee: Right Stick (Click)

Specialty: Left D-Pad

Crouch: B

Open Gadget: Right D-Pad

Prone: B (Hold)

Grenade: Up D-Pad

Slide: B (While sprinting)

Reload: X

Jump: A

Call-In Menu: RB (Hold) + Select Call-Ins

Vault: A + Move towards obstacle

Full Map: Menu Button

Enter/Exit Vehicles: X

Menu: Options Button

Revive: X (Hold)

Swap Seat (Vehicle): A

Plus Menu: LB (Hold)


Comorose/Ping: RB (Hold)


Best layout for Xbox controllers in Battlefield 2042
Best layout for Xbox controllers in Battlefield 2042. (Picture: DICE / Electronic Arts)

PlayStation controller layout

Move: Left Stick

Zoom: L2

Sprint: Left Stick (Click)

Fire: R2

Look: Right Stick

Switch Primary/Secondary Weapon: Triangle

Melee: Right Stick (Click)

Specialty: Left Directional Button

Crouch: Circle

Open Gadget: Right Directional Button

Prone: Circle (Hold)

Grenade: Up Directional Button

Slide: Circle (While sprinting)

Reload: Square

Jump: Cross

Call-In Menu: R1 (Hold) + Select Call-Ins

Vault: Cross + Move towards obstacle

Full Map: Touchpad (Press)

Enter/Exit Vehicles: Square

Menu: Options Button

Revive: Square (Hold)

Swap Seat (Vehicle): Cross

Plus Menu: L1 (Hold)


Comorose/Ping: R1 (Hold)


Best layout for PlayStation controllers in Battlefield 2042
Best layout for PlayStation controllers in Battlefield 2042. (Picture: DICE / Electronic Arts)

Sensitivity and movement settings

It’s time to talk about the custom settings. Finding the best balance in these will be crucial for you, as these will affect directly your performance in the game.

Some of these will be left at default, since moving them won’t bring you any significant advantage, while others will help you focus more on the battle by reducing shaking effects, improving your aim, or changing how much you can see on your peripherals by manipulating the field of view.


  • Soldier stick aim sensitivity: 25-40
  • Invert Vertical Look for Soldier: Off
  • Field of View: 100
  • ADS Field of View: Off


  • Soldier sprint: Toggle
  • Double-tap forward to sprint: Off
  • Sprint keybind: Press Left Stick
  • Sprint to vault over: Off
  • Always use Transversal Sprint: Off


  • Soldier weapon zoom: Hold
  • Zoom keybind: LT or L2
  • Steady scope: On
  • Steady scope keybind: Press Left Stick
  • Soldier zoom aim sensitivity: 50-60


  • Parachute auto display: Off
  • Air spawn parachute auto-deploy: On
  • Quick throw grenades: Off
  • Reload Hints: On


  • Vertical Stick Aim ratio: 18
  • Vertical stick zoom ratio: 38
  • Uniform soldier aiming: Off
  • Coefficient: 44
  • Zoom transition sensitivity: On
  • All Zoom Aim Sensitivity: 35-50


  • Invert all Vertical Look: Off
  • Vibration: Off
Battlefield 2042 Orbital map
One of the biggest in-game attractions is the dangerous tornado from the Orbital map. (Picture: DICE / Electronic Arts)

It goes without saying that in case you are used to a certain pattern, you can edit the predefined bindings at any time, to adapt them to your liking and play without problems during the open beta.


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Featured image courtesy of DICE / Electronic Arts.