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Battlefield 2042 change squad - how to join or leave a squad

The ability to switch squads is one of the core features in almost all past entries in the Battlefield franchise, and players expect it to be the same in Battlefield 2042. Does BF 2042 feature mechanics like squad browser, squad leader replacement, and squad change? Here's everything we know about it.
Battlefield 2042 change squad - how to join or leave a squad

With the fact that Battlefield 2042's all-out warfare modes (Conquest and Breakthrough) now feature epic 128-player matches, it seems that players' autonomy to choose and change their squads is more important than ever before.

If you are not playing with your friends, but instead jumping into one of the seven gigantic Battlefield 2042 maps alone, you will be assigned to a random squad with other randomly selected players.

In previous Battlefield games, this wasn't a big issue, due to the Squad Browser feature, which allowed players to create or join another squad if they don't like how the current one is performing, or simply want to jump into their friends' squad if they have joined the match late.

Will you be able to do this in Battlefield 2042? Let's check out the status of some of the cornerstone Battlefield squad mechanics in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 squad browser  - how to change your squad?

Battlefield 2042 squad browser  - how to change your squad?
At the moment, relying on RNG is your only option to change squads in Battlefield 2042. (Picture: EA)

Unfortunately, DICE has opted to remove the feature of squad swapping in Battlefield 2042, at least at the game's launch.

The Squad Browser from previous BF games, which allowed players to see how other squads are performing and potentially choose other squads, is now gone, to the great dissatisfaction of the community, which requests this feature to be brought back.

The only option you now have, if you want to change your squad, is to be randomly shoved into another squad by right-clicking on your name, which is far from the ideal scenario and it takes out the ability to choose from players.

No one is sure why is this staple feature removed from Battlefield 2042 but some fans speculate DICE wants to create an environment that will protect lower-skilled players from being left out and pushed to the bottom of each game (the school sports team-picking effect).

So, for now, the only option to change a squad in Battlefield 2042 is to be randomly placed into another, but we hope that DICE will change this in the near future.

Is there automatic squad leader replacement in Battlefield 2042?

Is there automatic squad leader replacement in Battlefield 2042?
If your squad leader is not up to their task, there will be no way to replace them. (Picture: EA)

Asides from not being able to pick or create a new squad, another core squad feature that is missing from Battlefield 2042 is the automatic squad leader change.

In previous Battlefield games, the game would automatically replace your squad leader if they were inactive in that role, with a player who had been requesting orders long enough to be recognized as a new squad leader.

This feature is now gone in BF 2042, leaving many squads with inadequate squad leaders who are doing nothing to make sure that proper squad play and coordination is happening, which only further leads to frustration.

The squad leader replacement feature was originally left out from Battlefield V and Battlefield 1 as well, only to be added later to these games, so there's hope for the same scenario in Battlefield 2042.


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Featured image courtesy of DICE / Electronic Arts.