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EAC reportedly false banning hundreds of Battlefield 2042 players

An industry insider has reportedly contacted several Battlefield 2042 players who have been "falsely banned" by EA's anti-cheat system.
EAC reportedly false banning hundreds of Battlefield 2042 players

Battlefield 2042 is reportedly being plagued by a significant rise in "false-positive" bans, which plunged the game's player base rates. This is due to reports of the game's anti-cheat program identifying hundreds of players and falsely banning them for cheating.

Battlefield 2042 has suffered immensely since its launch on 19th November 2022, and its players are bearing the brunt. Too many players on a single map, lack of class systems, and a broad range of performance issues have resulted in the lack of communication on DICE's end.

BF2042 players report problematic EAC

While many players are still playing Battlefield 2042, many have pointed towards issues involving the game's anti-cheat program. The program, designed to combat players and other malicious persons from hacking, attacks the players it is intended to protect.

Gaming industry insider Tom Henderson reported that several players had contacted him over the game's infuriating anti-cheat system. Many have detailed how the system is falsely banning players, and while they've reached out to EA's Support team, little to none is being done.

Henderson investigated the matter and discovered possible reasons these players were receiving bans from EA. They were getting banned for the following three reasons:

  • Utilising various RGB software, mainly Corsair's iCUE and Logitech G Hub
  • Players were running MSI Afterburner software in the background
  • Players admitted to engaging in Portal XP farming
battlefield 2042 false positive banning eac msi afterburner
An industry insider detailed that several players were reportedly falsely banned by EAC for using running MSI Afterburner. (Picture: MSI)

It became clear that players are fuming over EA's nonchalant attitude in light of this recent issue, so much so that reporting the problem will gain players with a dismissive "copy and paste" reply. To add more fuel to the flames, EA has since closed its support thread which a community manager explained that they are "unable to assist" players with further assistance via the Support forum.

Henderson has agreed with many players' gripes, calling the EA Support team completely "useless" on how they're handling the growing issue. He has reported that many were falsely banned during a livestream or recording, while others were banned minutes after purchasing a game.

It has yet to be determined if DICE and EA are looking into this pressing matter. (Picture: DICE / EA)

He pleaded with EA and DICE to investigate the matter and the underlying problems with EAC. "If it isn't, I don't believe people should be permanently banned for partaking in a mode that not only could have been prevented but was encouraged just last week officially," Henderson wrote in a tweet.

As of writing, there is almost nothing more players can do to get EA to overturn their false bans. This is unlikely an isolated incident as it is bound to happen yet again unless DICE implements massive improvements to resolve the problems at hand.


Featured image courtesy of DICE / Electronic Arts and Shutterstock.