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Battlefield 2042 players demand return of classic scoreboard

Battlefield 2042 players have slammed EA and DICE after they removed the scoreboard and are demanding that the developers bring it back!
Battlefield 2042 players demand return of classic scoreboard

Battlefield 2042 is just days away from its official launch, but players are not happy. Following a long list of pressing bugs and glitches becoming apparent with the early access launch, players have also started to complain about DICE and EA removing the Battlefield scoreboard.

Admittedly, player complaints about a missing scoreboard may sound petty, especially given the slew of major issues faced ahead of launch. However, if DICE and EA can't get a simple scoreboard right, then it doesn't inspire much confidence about the rest of the game. Therefore, it is somewhat understandable why players are throwing their toys out of the cot.

Besides, you need only look at the Battlefield subreddit to see the mounting number of complaints about the new Battlefield 2042 scoreboard. It's a sight that can only be described as a complete and utter sh*tshow. But, on a more positive note, at least there's also funny memes.

Battlefield 2042 players demand return of classic scoreboard

In one Reddit thread, hundreds of Battlefield players flocked to voice their concerns about the scoreboard being removed.

"No matter how great the game is, it's meaningless without a scoreboard or even something as simple as a KD (kill/death) counter in the game. What's the point in playing? How are you supposed to tell if you're doing good in the game compared to others? We can't just stand by and let them do this. DICE Wtf," a Reddit user wrote.

Battlefield 2042 replaces scoreboard with an overview screen
Battlefield 2042 replaced the scoreboard with an overview screen. (Picture: Twitter / BFBulletin)

In response to the post, another Reddit user expressed their confusion regarding why EA and DICE would remove the scoreboard in the first place. "I honestly don't understand the decision. Why? Why would you just remove the scoreboard? It's not like anyone ever complained about it. Not one person wanted it removed," the user said.

Some users on Reddit speculate that DICE and EA ran out of new ideas and have started to remove features, only to bring them back later as new ideas. To be honest, I'm not quite sure how to feel about this. One part of me wants to applaud the developers' ingenuity, while the other wants to curl up in a ball and cry.

Others think that the developers did it so that players wouldn't realise when there were hackers on the server. "Without a scoreboard, you won't see if people are going 200-0 anymore," a Redditor wrote. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a 200 IQ play to me.

The majority of the hundreds of other comments on the thread were also resoundingly pessimistic, and indeed, their concerns could be heard loud and clear. Battlefield 2042 players want the classic scoreboard back, and they're not mucking about.

Some players have taken extreme measures and are even holding a family of penguins hostage. "Bring the scoreboard back, or the penguin gets it," they wrote on Reddit -- alright mate, calm down.

battlefield players want classic scoreboard back battlefield 2042
A Battlefield player has threatened to shoot a family of penguins if their demands are not met. (Picture: u/xEu20Matar)

In a different Reddit thread, players theorised that removing the scoreboard was an attempt to protect players from feeling as though others are better than them. "We can't have scoreboard because that means some players are better than others, so the scoreboard got removed as a participation trophy, so no one feels bad," a Reddit user wrote.

Another user replied by comparing Battlefield 2042 developers removing the scoreboard to YouTube and Reddit removing the dislike counter. "We can't have people feeling bad anymore. Everyone's a winner. I hate this timeline," they said. Don't worry, bud -- so do I.

battlefield scoreboard removed players upset demand return classic scoreboard
Battlefield 2042 players express their disapproval in the most creative way possible. (Picture: u/sweddle2)

DICE and EA have not issued any response to the scoreboards at the time of writing, although we can only hope that they've heard the pleas of players and will return the classic scoreboard, as requested. Unfortunately, with just a few more days to go until Battlefield 2042's official launch, we'll have to wait and see whether the players' cries have been heard or whether EA will, once again, give us all the finger.

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Battlefield 2042 will launch on 19th November across all major gameplay platforms, including PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.


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