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Battlefield Mobile beta testing will begin in Autumn 2021

The pre-registrations for Battlefield Mobile have started, and EA will begin its testing soon.
Battlefield Mobile has been made available for pre-registrations in the Philippines and Indonesia for Android players on Google Play Store. Players having devices with Android 7.0 can pre-register for the game, and a few selected players will get access to the test runs that EA will be conducting soon. 

Battlefield Mobile will aim to bring the gameplay experience of the original Battlefield to mobile devices. The game will feature different modes, maps, and more; however, in the beta testing Grand Bazaar map, the classic Battlefield game mode, Conquest, will be playable. 

Battlefield Mobile Beta to begin in Autumn 2021
Battlefield Mobile will feature different maps, modes and more. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

EA is planning to start the beta testing of Battlefield Mobile in Autumn 2021, and a few selected players will be able to test the game. In the beginning, a few players from selected regions will get access to Battlefield Mobile, and EA will slowly expand it to other regions. 

The game is still under development, so EA will announce more details regarding the in-game content in the future. Battlefield Mobile will also feature its own Battle Pass, including collectable cosmetics and unlockables unique to the mobile game.

Battlefield Mobile Beta to begin in Autumn 2021
Get your loadout ready and be a part of intense competitive battles in Battlefield Mobile. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

After the beta testing ends, the progress of all the players will be wiped out, and they will have to start from scratch after the game launches globally. Battlefield Mobile will release globally in 2022 on Android and iOS devices however an exact date is yet to be announced by EA.

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