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Best AK-24 loadout for Battlefield 2042

The AK24 assault rifle may not be a fan-favourite but that doesn't mean it's not capable of shredding enemies in Battlefield. Here is the best AK24 class setup for Battlefield 2042.
Best AK-24 loadout for Battlefield 2042

The AK24 is a standard-issue Russian assault rifle in Battlefield 2042, which many players consider scary for perhaps not the best reasons. The gun has a lot of recoil and bullet spread, with a relatively lower fire rate than other weapons in its class. Given this, you will need to match the AK24 with the perfect combination of attachments to unlock its full potential in Battlefield 2042.

This AK24 gun guide will show you which attachments to include in your AK24 class setup. We also recommend using the specialist Boris since the AK24 works best as a secondary weapon with his SG-36 sentry gun. So, without any further ado, here is the best AK24 weapon build for Battlefield 2042.

Best AK24 class setup for Battlefield 2042

The following loadout is intended to maximise the AK24's damage at range and includes attachments that facilitate the gun's high recoil. 

Best AK24 loadout for Battlefield 2042
Best AK24 loadout for Battlefield 2042. (Picture: EA / DICE)
  • Sight: Bravo 3x / Maul Hybrid
  • Ammo: High Power
  • Underbarrel: Cobra Grip
  • Barrel: Factory

The first attachment is the Bravo 3X Sight. This is a long-range optic that provides a clear sight picture and a 3x zoom level, which will ensure that the AK24 is competitive over range. Otherwise, you could go with the Maul Hybrid 1.5-3x scope.

Next, we've gone with the High Power Magazine for added Combat Range. This will ensure that the AK24 does superior damage when hitting enemies on the battlefield.

battlefield 2042 best overpowered loadout AK24
Best class setup for AK24 in Battlefield 2042. (Picture: EA / DICE)

We've gone with the Cobra Grip for recoil management. This attachment will improve accuracy while static, which will assist takedown over long ranges. Lastly, we've gone with the Factory Barrel attachment.

Using this loadout will improve the firepower (+5), accuracy (+20), and range (+10) of the AK24 by a significant margin. Although, it will come at a minor cost to handling (-8).

And that's it! Let us know if you agree with this AK24 loadout by sharing your thoughts with us on Twitter.


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Featured image courtesy of DICE / Electronic Arts.