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What is Battlefield 2042: Portal? All maps, weapons, gadgets, vehicles, and more

EA has just revealed a brand new mode for Battlefield 2042, called Portal, which will offer one of the most exciting FPS experiences you will ever have a chance to play. Here's everything you need to know about it.
What is Battlefield 2042: Portal? All maps, weapons, gadgets, vehicles, and more

Battlefield 2042: Portal has been revealed during the EA Play Live presentation in July 2021, and it already feels like one of the best things featured in the game.

Battlefield Portal is a new mode in Battlefield 2042, which is created and developed by Ripple Effect Studios (DICE LA), and it will give players the ability to play old remastered content from several old Battlefield games without ever leaving Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042: Portal? All maps, weapons, gadgets
(Picture: EA)

Asides from old remastered maps and other content, gamers will be able to play brand new content created by DICE and community-created content.

But what exactly is the Portal mode in Battlefield 2042? Does it just bring old remastered content to Battlefield 2042 or it offers more?

Let's check out what we know.

How does Battlefield 2042: Portal work?

Battlefield 2042: Portal will offer players content and assets from several Battlefield games, all completely remastered and reimagined in the Frostbite engine, to match the quality of Battlefield 2042.

This includes maps, vehicles, weapons, gadgets, armies, and more. All with maps that support up to 128 players.

The Portal mode will essentially offer players a complete sandbox experience where they will be able to create whatever they want from these assets, make their rules and then play those custom modes with others.

You can combine things from different games and create custom rules with the Portal Rules Editor, or play already premade experiences created by DICE or other users.

Battlefield 2042: Portal? All maps, weapons, gadgets editor rules
(Picture: EA)

It should be noted that the Portal Rules Editor is not a fully-fledged map editor, rather a powerful "rule editor" where the one who create the mode, set the rules by changing various variables and parameters.

For example, a team of World War II soldiers from Battlefield 1942 can battle against the modern specialists of Battlefield 2042, or, another example, the 128-player knives vs defibrillators mode, as it was showcased in the trailer.

Player-made modes will be discoverable in the Battlefield Portal menu, where players can either share their creations or play other people's content. Once created, the mode will be visible online as long as there is at least one player inside, but once the last player leaves, the mode is gone. But you can always create it again.

What games are featured in Battlefield Portal?

At launch, Portal will feature content from Battlefield 2042, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3.

What maps are in Battlefield Portal?

Battlefield 2042: Portal? All maps, weapons, gadgets, vehicles
(Picture: EA)

The mode will offer seven remasted maps as well as Battlefield 2042's standard maps:

  • Battle of the Bulge (1942)
  • El Alamein (1942)
  • Valparaiso (BC2)
  • Arica Harbor (BC2)
  • Caspian Border (BF3)
  • Noshahr Canals (BF3)
  • Kaleidoscope (2042)

  • Manifest (2042)

  • Orbital (2042)

  • Discarded (2042)

  • Renewal (2042)

  • Hourglass (2042)

  • Breakaway (2042)

These will be maps available at launch, but Ripple Effect will continue to support the mode for a long period after the launch. So we can expect more remastered maps to be added.

It should be noted that remastered maps are not 100% the same as the originals, as there are some changes. For example, destruction has been added to Battlefield 1942 maps.

What weapons are in Battlefield Portal?

Battlefield 2042: Portal? All maps, weapons, gadgets, vehicles
(Picture: EA)

These weapons will be available in Battlefield Portal once the game releases:

  • 1942:

    • M1911, K98, Tompson, K98, M1 Garand, No.4 Sniper, Walther P38, Bazooka, MP40, STG-44, Panzerschreck, Grenade, BAR1918, Knife

  • BC2:

    • M93R, SPAS-12, G3, AN-94, AKS-74U, M16A2, M416, M60, M240B, Type 88, MP412 Rex, PP-2000, MP443, XM8 Prototype, M1911, XM8 Compact, XM8 LMG, M24 Sniper, Tompson, Knife, M1 Garand, Frag Garand, GOL Sniper, Magnum

  • BF3:

    • P39R, P90, DAO-12, ACW-R, AS VAL, M98B, G3A3, M416, A-91, SCAR-H, AKS-74U, MP412 REX, M39 EMR, MP443, SVD, M1911, SPAS-12, Type 88, AN-94, PP-2000, M16A3, Knife, M50E4, M67 Grenade

What vehicles are in Battlefield Portal?

Battlefield 2042: Portal? All maps, weapons, gadgets, vehicles
(Picture: EA)

Ripple Effect has remastered a series of vehicles from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 which will be added to this mode:

  • 1942:

    • M4 Sherman, M10 Wolverine, M2 HMG Stationary, B-17 Bomber, Spitfire, M3 Halftrack, Willys MB, 40mm AA Stationary, Panzer IV, Tiger I, BF-109, Ju-87, Kubelwagen, KFZ-251 Halftrack, MG42 Stationary, Flak 38 Stationary

  • BC2:

    • M3A3, M1A2, M1114, UAV-1, Quad Bike, T-90, UH-60, KORD HMG Stationary, 9M113 Kornet Stationary

  • BF3:

    • M1114, M1151 ITV, AMTRAC, RHIB, M1A2, LAV-25, LAV-AD, UH-60, AH-6J, AH-64, F/A-18, Centurion Stationary, M220 TOW Stationary, VDV Buggy, 3937 Vodnik, T-90, BMP-2, Tunguska, Z-11W, Mi-28, Su-35BM, 9M133 Kornet Stationary, Pantsir-S1 Stationary

What gadgets are in Battlefield Portal?

Just like weapons and vehicles, a number of gadgets from the three featured Battlefield games are recreated and added to Portal:

  • 1942:

    • Exppack, Binoculars, Landmine, Medkit, Wrench

  • BC2:

    • Ammo Box, Repair Tool, Medkit, AT Mine, Defibrillator, RPG-7, Mortar Strike, M136 AT4, C4, Motion Sensor

  • BF3:

    • SOFLAM, Claymore, Ammo Box, SMAW, RPG-7V2, FIM-92 Stinger, SA-18 Igla, FGM Javelin, Defibrillator, C4, Repair Tool, EOD Bot, AT Mine, T-UGS, MAV

None of these lists is final and complete, as developers will add more content to the mode.