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Biomutant Multiplayer: Is there PvP and co-op?

Are there any plans for multiplayer in Biomutant? Can you play this game in co-op with your friends? Let's check out what we know about Biomutant PvP.
Biomutant Multiplayer: Is there PvP and co-op?

Biomutant offers a huge futuristic world to explore full of mysterious locations to visit and quirky dwellers to meet.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where humans are gone and now Earth is inhabited by strange mutant animals with humanoid characteristics.

The game is an action RPG at its core, with several unique breeds and classes to choose from, which will give you a variety of playstyles and builds as options, depending on what you prefer.

With a world so vast and full of wonders, and with a big focus on action and various builds, many fans are wondering if the game will feature some kind of online multiplayer or maybe a split-screen co-op?

After all, the game described as "Kung-Fu fable RPG" with a martial art styled combat system looks like a perfect place for players to show off their skills against others online.

Will Biomutant have online Multiplayer PvP?

Will Biomutant have an online Multiplayer PvP co-op
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Unfortunately, if you were hoping for some multiplayer modes, we will need to disappoint you.

Biomutant doesn't have a multiplayer mode. It is a single-player only game with a focus on a story campaign for one player.

This has been confirmed several times by the developers.

At this time, there are no plans for PvP or any other online multiplayer modes. This also includes co-op, the game will not have a possibility to play the single-player campaign with your friends in co-op.

Developers at Experiment 101 are currently fully focused on developing a great single-player experience. That means that everything in the game, from breeds and classes to the crafting system and enemies, is designed and balanced around a single-player mode.

And while the game will 100% launch with single-player only, maybe if it becomes a huge success and really popular, developers will change their mind and introduce some kind of multiplayer in future updates or with the first big expansion, but these are only our predictions.