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Biomutant: How to find and acquire mounts

Riding around the open world of Biomutant is more fun with a trusty steed.
Biomutant: How to find and acquire mounts

The world of Biomutant is quite expansive and after some time, you’ll grow weary of running on your hind legs to every quest objective. Luckily, you can acquire mounts that will do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to traversing the open world. 

Finding and taming a mount can be somewhat tricky, though. Eventually, you’ll receive a mount but in today’s world, players want their in-game content as quickly as possible.

Today, we’ll be going over exactly how you can find a mount in Biomutant. 

Acquiring a mount in Biomutant 

Biomutant how to get a mountA mount in Biomutant is incredibly useful. (Picture: TQNordic)

To start, perhaps the most straightforward way to acquire a mount is to purchase it through your tribe. In Biomutant, you can either pick the Myriad or Jangi tribe, which will have story complications. However, both tribe fortresses come with the ability to buy a mount with the in-game currency. 

Of course, this can be expensive and since there’s a free way of acquiring a mount, it’s wise to stay away from this method for the most part. The free way of obtaining a steed is to progress the story enough to get to the quest “The Open World”. In this quest, you’ll be given the opportunity to tame a mount. 

This mount will be called a “Gnoat” and will simply be sitting in a field ready for you to go up to it and start riding. However, this can’t be done until you find a Koko Pip. This item is needed to tame any mount in Biomutant. 

Biomutant mountA Koko Pip in Biomutant. (Picture: TQNordic)

The Koko Pip is found in bushes with a purple berry sitting underneath. They’re spread around the world pretty commonly, so finding one shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Once you’ve found one, go up to any mount, interact with it and then it’s yours. 

To recall that specific mount or any others you acquire, head to your map and navigate to the “Transport” tab. From here, you can select a mount to summon and it will appear right beside you in-game.